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Why do you add new features every expansion and not continue them into the next (example: MoP half hill farm, WoD garrison, Legion class hall, Legion artifact weapons etc...)

I liked all these.
I've changed toons over the time of my WOW career. I'd really appreciate the chance to re-earn the challenge mode sets and armor. I know you want to keep it for "that time only" but maybe we could get a re-color but same graphics?

I do appreciate you semi-did this with legion class armor, but take for instance that huge pole-arm from challenge mode season 2 rewards. I never got it, and there is nothing else like that. Please bring them back , just with recolors!!
Will we some day be able to unlock certain race/class combinations similiar to how we unlock allied races? For example Legion with the night elf paladins would have been a perfect time to unlock them.

Will we ever get no limits servers? That is servers with no lore limitations and maybe more fun things where gameplay>lore?
Any more plans going forward for MM Hunter pvp talents? Most of its cc was removed going into bfa, and it’s still sorely felt. The 8.1 ptr changes are a step in the right direction, but the spec still feels barren in terms of cc tools.

The common ask in the hunter pvp community is to change scatter dr so that the spec has a more reliable way to set up damage windows. What are your thoughts on that?
When are we ever gonna get character creation system overhaul? Last year at Blizzcon Chris Robinson agreed that the system is archaic but all the allied races since then have suffered the same issues (same face, lack of options, and in some cases less choices than old races).
Are there any plans to remodeling Silvermoon City? I know theres a Rumor about making Eversong a warfront but I really hope that whole area gets a revamp, at least at max level. Because I dont feel lorewise that it should still be so rundown and ugly in eversong still
When will Vulpera be playable?
Any plans for the final taming pass for beasts? A large number of beasts with tints similar to tamable versions have been left untamable.

Also any plans to allow for beasts in drustvar that resemble the kultian druid forms (curse brambleback and hexed thornclaw) to be made tamable? Seems odd that the zandalari cat and bear form are tamable when the kultiran cat and bear form arent.
Can we fix the report a player feature so that it no longer breaks if a player leaves your field of view? Crashing out of the game is always a blast and there is no support in getting his fixed. Also clearing out or removing the data field would be nice so we don't have to erase a large amount of text when doing multiple reports in a play session.
I have a very simple loreish Question.

Can you explain the change in Jaina's Staff ?
Is it a new staff ? Is it her old staff ? If it is her old staff, did she modify it some to fit her ? I doubt Antiodias would have had a staff like that.
Will void elves and nightborne get their spin jumps back, or will they get their own unique jump animation?
Class design does not feel like it gets the attention it deserves, arguably since Mists of Pandaria. Class design is always a hot topic, balancing seems "slow" to us as players. Can you help us understand why the feedback, change, and balancing process is so difficult on your end as developers?
While the change to vanity rewards from Islands was nice, mount drops are a huge outlier, and it sucks having to hope for certain invasions on islands for certain mounts, only to not get them. Any changes in the mount rarity planned?
Back in Cataclysm there used to be player reflections in water but then it was removed. Are there any plans to add this back?
Are Rets ever going to get their mobility back? This "immobile juggernaut" design was historically never part of Ret's fantasy.
Any plans on adding pvp vendors?

And do you guys plan on removing a lot of RNG that is impacting the pacing of gearing?
Is there any possibility for another pass at allied races that got less attention than others? Nightborne in particular have very few faces, especially for the men, that look halfway decent, and their hairstyles all suffer from widow's peak.
What are the classes for Zandalari Trolls and Kul'tirans?
Any word on goblin model updates, such as general polish improvements, clipping issues with newer armor sets, shoulder scaling, and the like?
Many players feel that the game is taking a direction which, mechanically, favors the developer's ideas for a good game over the playerbase's. How do you decide to draw the line between "The players don't like this but we do, and that's fine", and "The players don't like this, lets change it so they do"?

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