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With 8.1 Patch, I heard that Rep gained with other characters will become account wide. Will this also include story completed?
10/29/2018 10:15 AMPosted by Noskulls
Why are professions irrelevant?

I would like to add to this and ask how the current dev team views professions in WoW. Are they still in the game simply because they've always been there and you guys feel obligated? Does the team still see a need for them? How do they feel about players that enjoyed playing as those professions, some even as their main gameplay? Do they think the prunning they received in WoD is worth hurting the overall health of the game to appease a handful of people min/maxing at the top?
I have a lore question:

As hinted in the Azsuna quest 'The Last of the Last', are the main Dragonflights that were blessed by the Titans now infertile? Is there a reason behind why this has become the case?
Will Boralus and Zuldazar ever not be sharded? It's such a nice and wonderful city. you can see all the effort and dedication the environment and world building team put into it. There are tones of areas for RP servers to RP in but! I mean the biggest but you have seen. We can't enjoy open rping in this amazing city unless we form a group. It limits the open RP experience most people on a RP server are looking for and takes away the immersion of this large city. It feels really odd only seeing a handle of people at a time in that city. When I know there is more people because I have guildies in the same city and I can't see them. I've been in the same shard as them before and watched them shard out of my area.

-enhance shamans ever get the chance to transmog into a 2h maces/axes?
-frost dks mogging into 2h swords?
-fury warriors mogging into 1h weapons?
-survival hunters mogging into 1h axes?
-casters holding their staff while casting (you can actually make this happen through a bug and it looks really nice)

or in other terms, will we see more diverse mogging options in the future? Though I understand that this may take some additional animation work for some of them.
How old are Vorrik, Kiro, Nisha, and Meerah? / What are the average lifespans of the Sethrak and Vulpera respectively?
how much dedodated dwam duzzit take do a derber?
Are we ever going to see Worgen/Goblins model updated?
Will items obtained in Classic have their transmog appearances unlocked on current WoW? There are some old, unobtainable pieces I see a lot of people coveting, like the Speedy Racer Goggles from the Thousand Needles questline, and the Misplaced Servo Arm that drops from mobs in Naxxramas.
Any plans for a Tinker class for Goblins and Gnomes?
Will it ever be made possible to hide additional armor pieces in transmog, beyond the ones currently implemented?

Namely chest/gloves/wrists?

(Pants is probably too much to ask for)
10/29/2018 01:34 PMPosted by Lucksniipe
Will this Q&A panel be ignoring actual hard hitting questions everyone actually wants answered like every other Blizzard Q&A?

This is gonna turn the Yak's smile upside-down.
Also, this is a question best posed "Live"
Do you feel that there is a huge disconnect between the community and the devs. When BfA launched, the game was riddled with "accidents" like the M+ chest accidently handing out raid level gear or hotfixing Warfronts after players had already done them for things like having to be ilvl 320. Do you feel as though the team should use the forums more then social media and communicate with the forums more rather then social media to at least show players that you care?
Will we ever see player/guild housing(though i'd like to see a guild ran towns) that isn't a core game play feature? You could put it in the zone behind Stratholme.
The concept of Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei, in my opinion, should have been classes not races.

So no other race has the ability to study void magic to the point were they are physically changed by the void and no other race can go through the trial to become Lightforged? That in my opinion does not make any sense, isn't Turalyon Lightforged?

Was there any discussion of this?
How can you account for the sharp, sudden decline in the quality of the game?
With Legion revamping a lot of classes giving them their own identity and uniqueness as far as how they move, how they attack, how they perform their attacks etc. Is it possible for the class design team to continue that philosophy by evolving it to the entire leveling experience?

For example, Bring back rank 1, 2, 3 etc. of certain moves. (all moves if applicable.)

For example Heroic Leap.

Rank 1-Leap, you leap 10yds. (1min CD)

Rank 2- Heroic Leap, Leap up to 20yds and upon landing cause X damage to all enemies in 5yds. If no damage is caused to enemies when you land, your movement speed is increased by 30% for 5 secs. (45 sec CD) (medium size crater)

Rank 3 Heroic Devastation, Leap up to 30yds, cause X damage to all enemies in 10yds, stun enemies for 2 secs, and slow enemies by 50% for 4 secs. If no damage is caused to enemies when you land, your movement speed is increased by 30% for 7 secs. (30 sec CD) (Giant crater, thunderclap animation)

And for a cool glyph You can call it Glorious Devastation. You chant loudly for your faction as you leap into battle.(For the Horde!, For the Alliance!)

The reason for this question is that from level 1-120 it doesn't feel like my character grew and changed in the way it attacks or perform certain moves. Its just like OK there you go now you can do this and there isn't a sense of growth. Oh now you can Rupture as a rogue (btw Rupture animation is beautiful) but how did my rogue learn to do that movement? Did it start with just a stab? which went to two stabs? and then the glorious three stab movement?
What if anything is been done to prevent future communications failures?

We were promised at the start of legion things would be better and as the events around azerite show this did not happen.

Why should we believe you will get it right now?
You are smart people. Why do you insist on not communicating in a way that shows you are listening to players?
Way too many pages to sift through so this may be a repeat...

Will you make it easier to get paragon mounts from legion reps?

The rep is still at like 10k for a package, the rng has always been terrible. You've increased the rep gained for WQs for Army of the Light and Krokuun for the sake of Allied Races, which affects 3/8 mounts but all the others are still a pain to grind for. Even having access to the legion companion app would make this better, as the BFA version has replaced it.

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