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Could druids get a specific ''trasmog'' option for their Cat/Bear forms? It could be a Druid NPC at Moonglade that allows you to choose and change your form, like the NPC that toogles the Swift Flight form with the Lunarwing.
With wow classic having the option of running on the original settings, or improved graphic settings, will we be seeing a rework of old tier gear and weapons? And it so will these updates be applied to BFA?
New worgen models when?
Are playable High Elves possible for BfA? And if not, do you plan on giving the Void Elves some focus? There's only one named Void Elf.
All of my questions will be regarding WoW: Classic. Sorry to post here, but I did not see a Q&A thread in the Classic forums (which there probably should be).

What will the graphics be like? Judging from demo client data mining it appears many modern features will be optional for graphics. Although I personally am not concerned, many are concerned about having transparent water. Are there any plans on changing this?

Will we have a raid release schedule or will raids be released all at once on launch?

Same question as above for battlegrounds.

Will there be server resets? (Please no)

Will there be static and forever unchanging servers? (Please yes)

Are there any plans for merging servers if populations drop below a certain level?

Could there be future plans for BC, WotLK and beyond? If so, will they be separate from vanilla classic?

Will there be a 8, 16 or no debuff limit?

Guild banks?

How will integration work with cross faction communication?

Are there any plans or is there any consideration being given to additional features or content to be added which never existed in vanilla? If so, what? (Also, please no)

Will we have PvE, PvP, RP, and RPPvP servers?

Are there any plans to make class balance changes beyond 1.12 including but not limited to alternate hybrid class specs other than healing?

How close to 1.12 are we talking? Straight 1.12 or a so called Frankenpatch? If a Frankenpatch, what version of Alterac Valley are we looking at? What other details, if a Frankenpatch, can you provide which may be from a previous patch before 1.12?

Will the PvP honor system remain unchanged?

Will the PvP honor system be there on launch day or introduced some time after?

What will the player limit per server be?

Will we see progressive itemization?

Will we see the AQ gates event once per server, on a timed rotation, or not at all?

Will there be any classic specific easter eggs to be found?

Will we see any additional QoL/UI features related to mailboxes and the Auction House?

Transmog? (Please no)

Can we get at least an estimated release date?

How many people will be able to go into level 60 dungeons?

How much will it cost? Will there be a monthly fee? Will there be any discounts/bundling with retail?

Will we see improved systems to combat bots and exploiters?

There have been some concerns from data mining regarding the "right click to report" button. Specifically with the exploit-ability of such a feature in an environment where you may run into the same people much more often. Are there any plans to make this more specifically tailored to the Classic environment to ensure it is not exploited?

Will we see most/all bugs fixed?

From data mining the demo it seems that wall jumping may return in classic. Can this be confirmed or denied?

Will they be leashing mobs to zones, using retail leash mechanics, or allowing free range kiting?

Is it at all possible we will get see another "corrupted blood" incident again even if it's just for a day? It was technically part of the classic experience.
Why is an expansion primarily focused on faction pride built on undermining the Horde's faction pride?
When will Pathfinder Part 2 be released? Can you tell us a patch # (8.2, 8.3, etc.)?
Many, many players want PvP vendors back, in an overwhelming majority at that. What is keeping you from making this change and why do you believe that a lootbox/progress bar system can possibly be as rewarding as a clear path of progression towards ones gearing goals through choice with a currency?
Insert fluff question here
Any chance we can see a way to get more honor? As it stands if you get caught in the endless loop of horrible battle grounds you don't get much honor. In legion we had the chance to do the warden towers. It gave casual pvpers the chance to get some pvp gear, honor, and marks of honor. Could we see something like this again?
Fashion question:

As Orcs have gotten posture updates, Blood Elves and Night Elves have gotten their eye changes and talk of possible Worgen and Goblin model updates, would you add the Chinese Forsaken models as a customization option? (No bones showing around the arms, legs, spine, etc.)
How exactly does gear scaling work in instanced pvp? in world pvp?
Customization options:
Will add more options of Customization for all races in this expansion? (new faces, new hairstyles, etc)
And when I say new, I want to say that they do not use the hairstyles of another race and they include them to others.
Will zandalari trolls be able to become paladins?
Why do you feel the need to reinvent the wheel every expac rather than expand on successful existing systems? (Such as artifact weapons)
Why are the issues with protection warriors being ignored and we're instead getting fake buffs that do almost nothing to make us a more survivable tank, while the dominate meta tanks are being left alone with no reductions in their EHP or toolkit, wouldn't it be fair for the tank who has no sought after utility to be the dominate tank for survivability, and the tanks with utility to be weaker for actual tanking (its the reverse right now)
any plans to make heirlooms usable sooner in a new xpac?would be great for wanting to level alts asap waiting feels....bad for something ive spent heaps of gold on
Will there be a Legendary quest chain this expansion and for what class/gear piece will it be if there are?
When are we going to go back to a time when time spent in game = more rewards? I would argue that since Legion, WoW has become so litterered with RNG that it has become a not so enjoyable game to play. I spend hours upon hours a week in game and have no reward to show for it. Whereas some of my guild mates have shown up for a raid once a week or so and have just as good, if not better gear than I do, simply because of luck.

Will we see a better fix to this ridiculous RNG, other than the vendors we are being given with an insanely high cost for the items we desire?
When will Ogres and High Elves be playable?

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