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Can we finally see the Silver Covenant, Highvale, and the relating Quel'dorei of the 7th Legion become an Allied Race for the Alliance, whom they have been with all along?
Is it possible to get the option to open up empty versions of dungeon instances for players to explore and be in?
How is it possible that Nathanos with a Val'kyr buff can stand toe to toe against Tyrande empowered by Elune and with Malfurion there?
In BtS Sylvanas said how she viewed both of them as almost unbeatable in battle yet Nathanos fights them while mocking them the entire time.
Will ashes of alar receive a model update and will legion legacy loot be enabled in BFA?
Pure of Heart, what is the design philosophy around introducing a talent that completely disables a couple of specs (unholy, assassination) while doing literally nothing against the vast majority of combatants? Has pure of heart gone too far in this regard?

It is currently okay for a class to switch to pure of heart before an arena match begins yet back in burning crusade switching to shadow resist gear before the match was considered cheating. Is this an intentional change in philosophy or do you see the two as different situations?
Can RP realms people get their time in the spotlight for content? We have been wanting new RP zones, items, and toys for ages now and you don't exactly deliver. IK we have tons of toys but whoever thought making transformation toys have a longer CD than the amount of time they actually last wasn't thinking. We'd also like to know if more zones like Gilneas will ever be added where there are little to no NPCs so that we RPers can use them. Even an RP mode would be nice that phased the group so remove hostile NPCs.

(Also I have gone through and read every single question posted so far and people really need to stop asking about High Elves being added as an Allied Race. Blizzard already stated they won't do it and if you really knew your lore you would know that Blood Elves and Void Elves are pretty much High Elves with a different appearance.)
10/29/2018 04:26 PMPosted by Pärker
Is it possible to get the option to open up empty versions of dungeon instances for players to explore and be in?

New Mode: Explore Mode (AKA Roleplay mode)

That would be pretty cool!
The half hill farm was something some of us put a lot of effort into. Grinding to get all the little things to be placed in it and unlocking other items. It's a little cozy and snug place but we are unable to show it off. Any chance we can get the option to be able to invite people to come see it?
Will there be Oceanic server options in Classic Wow?
Will Gnomes ever have a capital city, that is not destroyed? We are engineers after all (aka, we fix things).
Any plans on improving the feel of the current world-pvp scene? With the end of legion scenarios building the plot to put Alliance and Horde against one another again, I really thought we were going to be going after each other. It feels like the emphasis is more on trying to get a few achievements and killing battle front NPC's repeatedly to gear up alts. As it is now, there just isn't anything making me want to go out and kill the other guy.
Why not allow certain dungeons to be player housing? There could be something like "House Mode" where you wiped out everything, did some "house cleaning" and can set up a home in a dungeon lol.
Will we see more of AU Draenor/The Lightbound in the future? We never saw the ultimate fate of Grom, and we know other Mag'har are still there like Draka. Will we ever have a chance to return and fight for their freedom or see them again?
How do you guys measure fun?

We are going on 3 expansions worth of follower missions and our 2nd expansion worth of world quests and endless ap grinds. Pretty much no one I play with would consider any of these activities "fun", yet these systems don't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Just because we suffer through this content on a daily basis doesn't mean we enjoy it.
Will we ever get a chance to get the Warlord's Deathwheel again?
Can "auras" be added to the game? Like a transmog kind of thing. For example, when mistweaver monks use Thunder Focus Tea. That's a really cool lightning aura. Or even weapon enchants like the snowflakes/mist.
When are you bringing back 2h frost? I have no desire to play the class right now without being able to use shadowmourne in timewalking
Please explain the philosophy behind BFA's simplified rotations? I figured Azerite traits were meant to fill in the large gaps, but even the new 8.1 traits are not enough.
10/29/2018 04:33 PMPosted by Barthandelus
When are you bringing back 2h frost? I have no desire to play the class right now without being able to use shadowmourne in timewalking

If a class is able to equip certain weapons, they should be able to use them regardless of spec. That's what allows players to have fun with how THEY want to play their class. We don't want to be TOLD how we should PLAY our class.
Why did you so drastically change M+ in BFA?
Legion followed a very straightforward design. M+ was a 'timed dungeon' that scaled with challenging, but manageable weekly affixes.

In BFA, M+ plays like 'timed dungeon with raid mechanics'. The dungeons are exhausting and considerably less fun. For example, many trash packs & abilities cannot be interrupted or stunned and simply force the players to deal with them, rather than attempt to avoid them. This is not fun at all.

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