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We saw night elf paladins show up in the paladin order hall. Any chance we can get them as a class for night elfs?
Can you please not waste time answering questions everyone knows the answer, unless they change?

Goblin/Worgen updates: not planned or low priority
High Elves: play horde
PvP vendor: "we", wow devs, don't want to do it.
Regarding classic. I have 2

1. While many of us understand the demo is not a finished product. We would still like some clarifications on whether certain things are being planned or not. Such as the state of honor on release, progressive itemization with raid time gating, and wall jumping.

2. Is right-click reporting being planned to be introduced to classic? this was not a feature found in vanilla and is something that would have different impacts on the social feel of the game unlike retail today. What are your plans with right-click reporting and classic?
Hello! I have quite a few questions to ask...don't know where to start, but if there's a priority, in which the "question" in questioning are....

1.) When will Warlocks get their own Casting Idle Animation, like the one shown in the Dressing Room, on the wowhead site?

2.) When will we be seeing new hairstyles in the barbershops, across ALL races? Yes, including Allied Races! It would be awesome if some of the Void Elf hairstyles were shared with Blood Elves, and quite possibly Humans, but without the tendrils of course.

3.) Is there any chance you'd add visuals like Librams for Paladins, re-implementing the Totem Bar for Shaman Totems, Quivers/Ammo-belts for Hunters?

4.) Do you intend on adding talents for characters between levels 100-120, as well as possibly new spells that can be learned?
Will the timers on the worgen sniffing, and cat/bear druid growling ever be adjusted?

It is way too often, it seems like the timer wants the player to sniff/growl immediately after going idle for 5 seconds and then every 10-15 seconds afterwards.

Could you please make these happen perhaps once every 30 seconds instead?
What is the design philosophy behind Titanforging? Currently the system FEELS punishing to me when I receive an item and it does not Titanforge. This kills my excitement for receiving loot, and having an item Titanforge doesn't make me feel any better or worse.
Have we seen the last of Gorak Tul?
Do you guys have any plans on working more with secondary stats? Playing today feels like we have very limited choices in what secondary stats we can pick and stay competitive. It feels like we are forced into situations where we need a certain secondary stat and it limits us from playing different styles.

An example would be the 'Glacial Spike' build from Legion where you had the choice to stack Mastery instead of Critical Strike.
Since blood elves, orcs and night elves received a new customization option, can we expect more pre-existing races to get a new customization option as well?
Will there be any new races or new classes other than kultiran or zandalari before the end of the expansion?

Some examples are
Alliance-leper gnome,pygmy,jinyu

Or a suggestion-allow blood elf with high elf customization to be playable for alliance players to solve the high elf debate
Why do draeneis have rings on their tails?
Are you satisfied with the current state of trinkets or is there a chance they could become more about utility than DPS like they were in Vanilla. Deciding whether to bring the Net-Launcher or the Gnomish Shrink Ray to a raid boss provided some interesting decision making opportunities that are sorely missed.
Is it important to have every class have a spec that is good for open world questing? If so, can the classes with real difficulties get some help there?
Will you guys consider reducing the RNG behind obtaining weapons? Legion felt so good with having a weapon that was always up-to-date, our characters felt better. Now, we oftentimes go for weeks at a time where the lowest item level of our equipment is the weapon.

It always feels terrible to be forced into getting an offspec weapon. I remember first time I saw a 340 healing weapon on my paladin when I was doing Ret and my currently equipped weapon was a 315.... it feels terrible and it makes me hate the reward system.

Could we improve this? Why not a weapon cache that drops a weapon relevant to your current loot specialization?
Will there be a return to the focus on "class fantasy?" In legion, it felt awesome to be a DK. There were all these quests where you go out and slaughter innocents (or at least non-enemies) and add their dead to your strength. Meanwhile you have the Lich King subtly pulling our strings again, making you question what's gonna happen next.

Well I can tell you what happens next. !@#$ all, aside from, "A turtle made it to the water!"

Why abandon all the progress you made on classes feeling awesome without even having a conclusion to the legion class campaigns. If the class campaigns were a movie, it was a %^-*ty pirated version that cuts off 20 minutes too soon.
What were your latest subscription numbers for NA?
Has the development team considered making four specs for each class anytime in the future? Tank Shaman, Ranged Paladin, Mage Tank etc and what not.
Why do casters (and healers) now have an irresistible urge to try to hit mobs with our weapon slot stat sticks programmed into the game?
Can you please give us a distinct no vagueness answer to High Elves? Lot of us are sick of reading the attacks on Horde Identity trying to get these Elves to alliance when they already have void elves.

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