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what is the current stance on the gcd changes? it has been my experience that most people dislike these changes and it makes gameplay much more bricky and unfun.
Are there any plans to make leveling more fun and engaging For those who have done the content many times before?
Did your stance on adding High Elves as a Playable Race for the Alliance Change?
Why are there so many difficulties for the same content? Wouldn't it be better to have less options, but more difficult ones, so gear isn't replaced almost instantly?
why did the horde players see absolutely nothing about the supposed alliance Sylvanas had with the San'layn, yet they played such a major part in the Alliance war campaign? and will San'layn continue to play a part in BfA or are they done with the events of the Alliance campaign?

edit: another question: why are Windwalker monks forced to dual wield 1 handed weapons, when they don't actually use their weapons in any attack animation? Fists of Fury requires dual wield, but don't actually use the weapons. can WW monks get animations where they use the weapons, or allow themselves to use both dual wield and staves/polearms?
With the focus on Nightborne as of late, will we get an update as to the state of the Shen'dralar (the Alliance Highborne) during Battle for Azeroth, as well as their leader, Archmage Mordent Evenshade? Will the Moonguard in Suramar rejoin their kin in the Alliance, side with the Horde, or remain neutral?

I know more than a few people in the Night Elf/Highborne community would love to see the Highborne in the Alliance get more fleshed out, since they were oddly absent during the events of Suramar.
Are we done with AU Draenor, or will we be seeing more from Yrel and the Arakkoa who were absent?
Dear Ian, why doesn't Blizzard ever update (per expansion-lvl raise) all the wonderful functional items from professions - particularly engineering, rather than letting them sit around largely unused, forgotten and just SAD...? Big fan!
Are the devs satisfied with the level/rate of feedback they're receiving from the playerbase? What, specifically, would they want to hear about, and how can we make sure the feedback is heard? From the small clipping issue of an armor piece to the plate spinning act that is class balance.
Can you make Enhancement Shaman a tank class again? Maybe for Classic?

I really miss non-accidental tanking.
Classes, specially demon hunters, update?
Will it be possible to trade in or sell back our legendaries and get the essence back to get them for our alts?
Are Demon Hunters going to only be restricted to Blood Elfs and Night Elfs for the rest of BFA or are there plans for a new allied race or current race to be Demon Hunters?
Can we please get the option to play Worgen and Goblin Monks?
Why class design was not a top 1 priority during development?
During the last few months there has been a lot of criticism regarding how the WoW team manage feedback and communicate with their community. What sort of changes and improovements should we expect regarding this issue in the future?
Gnome Shaman... Mechanical Gnome Shaman.... and druids!
When 8.1 will have release date and what 8.2 will be?
With Night elf paladins first appearing in legion. When can we play a night elf Paladin?

Why are Night elf Dark rangers aiding the one who burned Teldrassil
I would like to know if there are any projects going on about class specific items (like quivers for hunters, jars for monks, skulls for dks i guess).
Would it be possible to turn trinkets in transmogable options with more than just another slot that doesnt add anything cutomizable wise (like the skull of guldan from illidan actually showing in my belt)?

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