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Can we expect a fix to the silly looking equip locations for things like polearms and staves?
Will Vulpera and Sethrak be a playable race in this expansion?
Any chance we can see tank/healing/dps satchels for dungeons and raid drop things like they use to? Back in the day they would have a chance of mounts and pets. Would be nice to see things other than ap and runes.
Can we expect Master Loot to ever come back? Adding an additional layer of RNG to an expansion that has worse RNG than Legion is stressing a lot of people I used to raid with out and it's part of why I'm so hesitant to get back into raiding.
Why are all the materials for every raid material (esp cooking feasts/flasks/potions) at absurd levels to where it is like a homework assignment to farm mats to raid or it costs you ridiculous amounts of gold per night? This seems counter to the design of the past few xpacs where raid materials we obtainable at a fair rate. Are there plans for any vendors, maybe for all the Sanguicell we all have?
Why weren't the Gold Traits from Legion's Artifact trees turned into a Talent row at 120? They (mostly) even fall into a semi on trend version of Single Target, AOE and Utility options. Would help to alleviate the feeling of lackluster rewards leveling from 100-120
Are there any plans to bring back class armor sets? The removal of them is one of the most egregious decisions outside of GCD changes.
Are there any plans to do anything different with mounts, exploration and/or flying? The solution to lock flying is fine but feels like a bandaid to no functional changes since BC.

Mounts are a great way to entice exploration. You could have archetypes that do different things like jump higher, fly faster but can’t change direction as well, a charge ability to open combat on an enemy etc..

Mounts are so bland and there’s so much you can do to entice players to get out there and explore/experiment. Collage videos, fun with friends, difficult to reach objectives... the list goes on. GW2 is a great reference on how to do mounts correctly.
Will you ever make it possible for players to able to choose if they want to shealth one handed weapons on their back or side, instead of having them fixed to a certain way to shealth?
What is going on with customization options? By far one of the most requested features for the better part of a decade.

Missed opportunities with Mag’Har Orcs (lack of skin color options, eye color, face tattoos, tooth rings), having to beg for the NB earrings was concerning, allied races feel lacking overall...
Given many players are starting to consider collecting an alternative endgame pursuit, are there any further plans to make certain rewards more targetable in mediums like Island where there are many possible drops and relatively few ways to control what spawns?
Are you guys thinking of adding more Allied Races In patches or will that type of thing be only for new Expansions?
Is Blizzard considering giving a little love to the positioning of shoulder armor on certain races in order to fix common issues of floating and/or clipping?
Leveling question:

Will you consider heirlooms for 8.1? I feel that the leveling experience has already run its course with 8.0 and having a catch-up with heirlooms would be a nice touch for BFA.
Can you make The Burning Crusade, Wrath of The Lich King, and Mist of Pandaria Classic servers in the future and will we be able to transfer characters to retail from the Classic servers at all?
When will zandalari trolls be playable?!?
When will horde get more Paladin races?
i would like to ask why there are no currency and vendors in the game anymore? and why the team thinks the "rng" loot box system that seems to have replaced them is a better choice?
Goblin model update. When?
Any chance of Night Elfs being able to become Paladins? In Legion paladins had two Nigh Elf paladin followers, being one of them coming over from the priests.

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