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Many players miss participating in meaningful and impactful grinds towards non-RNG loot and resent the current RNG-based systems, suck as the weekly PvP and M+ chests. As of late you have added currencies to M+ and Island Expeditions. Are there any plans to continue/expand upon this trend for PvP, Warfronts, raiding, more M+ options, etc.
Will we see Bolvar Fordragon as the new Lich King take a bigger roll in a future expansion?
Is there a chance someday that all classes might get an additional spec? Perhaps some day a mage could tank or a demon hunter will get a range dps spec.
A bigger question, will heirlooms be enabled soon, and if so are you adding Azerite traits to them from levels 110-120? I don’t see a way they’d be useable unless this was a thing.
What was the rationale behind removing the feedback survey when unsubscribing?
Will the patch 8.1 raid, the battle for dazaralor, have a mechanic that increases player power over time similar to the array enabling traits that existed in Uldir? And do you like how the array buff worked out?
Do you have any plans on adjusting PvP trinkets in the future? I feel forced to do PvP content in order to get trinkets for PvE content because some classes perform better with PvP trinkets over PvE ones.
Gems,Enchants, Spellthread, Leg armors, belt buckles used to be awesome customization options and contributed to a player run economy. Can we have those back instead of limiting to a few enchants and only sockets on proc?
vulpera will be allied race?
It seems like the WoW team's interest in followers & missions has gone down substantially since the feature was introduced in Warlords. Are there plans to revamp it? And if not, can it just be cut out next expansion?

Also, is there a reason we can't track previous expansion missions in-game, and do them in the mobile app? I am still working on Legion missions..
With profession being lack luster, are there any plans of bringing back specializations to them like back in Classic and BC?
Hello staff of WoW. I have questions regarding certain parts of the game
1.- For Alts, would ever be an implementation to catch up with the warcampaign's progress of your main? Even if the Campaign is impressive, having to do it everytime with new alts it's kinda tiring.

2.- Will the Azerite Necklace have another use rather enabling Azerite traits? You know, something like the Diablo 3's Horadrim Cube?

3.- Will WW Monks always be a pure melee class, or are there plans for them in the future to make them a little hybrid with more "Air" and "Wind" thematics rather than being martial arts master? What made you decide to not to add the Beta talents that it had?
Recently the Blizzard development team has made some great strides from the communities' perspective to take the game in a more predictable route and add player agency with currencies. But RNG is still very common and is often added on top of RNG events or extremely time gated events.

Do you think you may have gone too far with RNG based systems and blunt time-gating and what are your plans for RNG, time-gating, and player agency going into the future?
Are there any plans to better War Mode for Alliance? I'd love to have a more balanced experience in wpvp. Currently it's just a feast for Horde (compiled by the free 10% bonus), as those few Alliance players with it enabled get demolished.
Can you please make all the Hexed and Cursed animals in Drustvar tameable please?

Not just the crabs and goats -- tenacity/cunning spec isn't as useful as ferocity.

At the very least please the Wolves!!
Why are Zandalari and Kul Tiran available AFTER the Zuldazar raid when it's clear that both Allied Races are already working with their respective factions, therefore, meeting the requirement of being Allied with the Horde/Alliance?
When are the zandalari coming out?, and which Will be their racials and usable classes?
Are there any plans to implement customizable player housing in the future? With so many different building styles and decorative items already in the game, it feels like a wasted opportunity.
Why did you have stat / ilevel squish for the pre-patch of BFA, to just have the numbers already getting out of control again?

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