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Does the WoW team consider Discipline Priests "broken" in PvP? Considering their mobility, healing power, shielding ability, & CC, they seem overpowered in both BG & Arena (2v2, 3v3). Does the dev team considering this an area that needs attention?
Is transmog restrictions being lift and additional transmog items being looked at? (Example hide gloves, hide chest, etc.)
Show us more Behind the Scenes for Classic WoW development.
Feral and bear druids have endless skin options, but moonkins do not even though there are tons of NPCs sporting different color fur and textures. Is there any plan to add more customization options to moonkin form
After filling the alternative progression path that was always asked for with M+ dungeons, do you feel that there is a place to re-add Challenge Mode dungeons and time-attack style content?
Any plans on adding 'kiss/curse' affixes to M+ to make it a bit more fun?
If it's a popular opinion that Unholy DK playstyle is unrewarding in PvE and PvP due to the combo point (wounds) on target system that Windwalker, Rogue, Feral have evolved past - Is there any possibility for a future redesign?
Holinka is back! Solo-queue?
There are some toys that require you to use them in a certain zone. Is there a chance that could be removed? Most of it seems silly such as the pendant that sets your feet on fire. You have to use it in Draenor.
Can you add the Monk class to Worgen and Goblins?
Are there any current plans to reel in Titanforging? It's really dumb that Mythic 0s and LFR can Titanforge to Mythic Raid ilvl and above.

Also can we please have Tier sets back? Those set bonuses were what could really separate a Raider from others. Now everyone needs to farm Mythic+ to get the best Azerite traits and Trinkets, while raid gear fades into obscurity and pointlessness.
Do you plan on having a more revamped Premade Group Finder system?
(something what works backwards to what we have now, player selects the multiple dungeons and key level he wants to do, then a group leader can look at the list of all potential applicants and pick the one he wants rather than queueing for that specific group.)

Azerite traits have been pretty blasé, is it possible to revamp those old boring traits with something more fun?

Do you have any plans for more specific class balance when it comes to Mythic+ dungeons? There is always a handful of specs that dominate the mythic+ dungeon market (frost mages, boomkins, sin rogues, havoc dhs, blood dks, resto druids) I don't want to see them nerfed but would rather see the other under performing specs buffed with either unique utility or comparable aoe damage / healing)
With the mag'har's multiple colours and the blood elves' choice of robe or tunic are there plans to add more options among the other heritage armor sets? Such as void elf chest piece without the collar, or a male nightborne robe that shows more skin?
Will the Day Night Cycle ever be fixed for Oceanic Servers?

I have seen areas in game rapidly adjust the Day Night Cycle to meet specific conditions it seems like it could potentially be fixed to accurately represent the server time.
Are you guys working on anything besides Cloaks for the Back slots? At the moment it's all various pieces of coloured fabric despite the existence of many other back items (incl. Backpacks, Jet Packs, Plague Containers, VElf Wings, Quivers, etc...) for no discernible reason.

Are Heroic and/or Mythic Warfronts coming? The base mechanics of Warfronts are good and don't need much tweaking to be some of your most engaging pieces of content but are currently so undertuned as to be unenjoyable.

Are there any plans for a proper Battleground making use of some of those Warfront Mechanics?
When BfA launched, many beasts in new and existing families found mostly in Kul'tiras and Zandalar, were for no apparent reason untameable by Hunters, despite other creatures in said families being readily and easily tameable. Many of these were thoroughly reported multiple times during the beta, but to no avail.

One of the biggest offenders here are the Skyscreamers, found mostly on Isle of Giants and (to a lesser extent) Isle of Thunder. Despite clearly being a form of Pterrordax, these particular creatures are currently untameable, with no reason given why.

But it doesn't stop there. Many beasts in other families (too numerous to count)also cannot be tamed, even though many other creatures (found in the same zone, no less) of the same family can be tamed.

I'm sure this is all just an oversight or perhaps the devs were rushed to get the expansion out the door and forgot or something, so I'm really hopping that hopefully someone can find the time to fix this so Hunters the world over can finally obtain the pets of their dreams!
Currently when you take a flightpath one of your collected mounts becomes your actual taxi, yet as soon as you land and summon the exact same mount it has somehow forgotten how to fly; Why?
If you were to re-add all of the content which has been removed from the game since vanilla, it would be larger than any single expansion.

What is the philosophy for removing the best content and storylines from every expansion, and what does that leave the game with?

Are there plans to stop doing this?
WoW is a very competitive game across all its content, divided into patch seasons (arena and raid) where a player's "chosen avatar" is central to that experience, so why does Blizzard still adopt the "Wait till next content patch" delivery to fix broken and underperforming classes, this handicaps players for a whole content cycle resulting in unfair treatment, difficult and less rewarding gameplay?

Class patches should be independent of content patches to be fair to players.

(re: Q&A June 14 - 5 DPS specs were not given second passes before window closed on Beta, and were told next patch... 4 months ago, and 8.1 live is still a month away).
Here are some points i would like to have in the game:

in WOW in general:

1(major)- being able to toggle on off auto phasing: its a pain that since wod we are no longer able to reliably camp a spaw because the moment it "spawns" ... its an already dead corpse (AK zalandari warbringers).

2(major)- Being able to make a reputations server bound at least, account bound at best. Some kind of achievement, that would allow your alts benefits your mains reputation progression such as the pathfinder does for flying. For example, the achievement would be to have all "specific expac" reputation unlocked on a single character at max level of the expac+ having completed the totality of questline of the first patch of the expac.

3(median)- being able to not repeat the leveling questing of a character. this is a bargain: the main character will buy a BoA tome at a specific faction at exalted, send it to the alt, then the alt would be asked "Are you sure that you want to read this tome, have all questline completed and skip all its xp,rep,money and item rewards" with no rollback possible

NB: the two points above are from great games providing satisfaction about progression made and reliability at makeing alt swaping for various situations. Gearing is still a personnal grind of each the characters.

4(median)- Goblin and worgen update mmh(please keep goblin proportions they are awesome, just make their skin textures less dusty and reduce polygons) about worgens... can we wash our doggs and have them clean with a smooth hair like pandas? Can my female gnomes be 200% smiling like in wod 6.0 ptr please? like blood elves got golden eyes and orcs straigh up posture?

5(minor)- removing some xmog spec boundaries (artifact weapon appearance): my mistweaver cannot bear to not bear bearer of the mists :(. I would also like to have an owl kitty on balance druid while sprinting. or maybe i would like an owl staff for boomkin? That frost mage balance of power staff is soo nice.... but i want to use it as arcane... how about the frost mage hidden appearance? looks fire mage to me.. and the fire mage hidden appearance look more arcane...

6(minor- Since wotlk we are getting only weapons with dull blades... or shield... my paly class order mount doesnt have its plating shine as much as my vanilla paly mounts :( can we have polishing/sharpening cosmetic items to make them look pristine?


1-(MAJOR) EVEN THE NUMBERS ON MAPS IN WARMODE! being camped 20v3 destroys the point of warmode, we cant even gather and fight them back... same goes for alliance raiding horde. There is premade raids in both factions, make those premades phased on the same server and fight each other honorably. And the little solo gets into 1v1 or 1v5 ambushes then gather to fight invaders disrupting operations.

2- in know it is for question and requests but: Thank you, that system when you scrap for dust to trade for the azerite piece you want is finally a satisfying solution to me :)

3- BS and LW are struggling AGAIN with professions to pay the bills (flask, enchant, raid stuff) .... make those 355-370-385 crafted pieces BoE!!! tailors can sell bags at least but i think you should do it for them as well.

4- i beg you, stop with the rng... people hates it... why punishing your customers for staying loyal... some rng is okay but... can we have some options like loot slot exclusion: for example at the beginning of each week i pick two slot i dont want to drop in raid, or dungeons or world bosses or cache, which i cannot change before next week.

5- can we get reforging back please?

1- requesting hand of reckoning on prot paladins. Thats it

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