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Will we ever be able to transmog one handed weapons to fist weapons and vice versa?
Why in the translations of the game many of the important names of the characters are translated or changed? (Tirion Fordring for Tirion "Vadin") no reason for that
Are there any plans to fill out the move pool of Ret in the future? I'm looking at bringing divine purpose to being baseline as an example. Then change up that row to add an aoe focused talent. Just a thought!
Is there any plans to expand the pool of mounts that have special active utility (picking herbs & water walking)?

You often feel punished for using another mount in the outdoor world where these would be more useful and it makes collecting other mounts feel less exciting.
10/30/2018 07:42 AMPosted by Fistsofbacon
It’s called Battle for Azeroth, now is there more plans to introduce more content to more of Azeroth in many more old zones more than just darkshore and the bit we have in Sithulus? As that makes sense rather than battle for two tiny islands.

Arathi Highlands?
Will we be seeing new Worgen and Goblin models? Y'know.. as formerly promised in the first content patch of BFA? Eh? Remember that one, Ion?
Question: Will blizzard ever add a 3rd main profession to the characters?
In BFA, guild control was gutted, and the Communities window was added. While i enjoy the access to guild chat and officer chat this has provided, the window itself is riddled with bugs (people showing on/offline when they are not, not everyone showing, etc). Also the loss of customizable controls was totally unnecessary. When considering that the game keeps moving in a direction that greatly devalues guilds as a whole, it starts getting concerning.

Are there any plans to improve the communities/guild UI and control? And are there any plans to improve the role of guilds in this game?
The Arakkoa are quite fascinating, and they had a lot of promise after our intervention in WoD. What has become of our fine, feathered friends back on Draenor?
Can you explain the reason for the overly restrictive rules on personal loot? How can you justify removing the group and master loot systems in favor of this new, terrible system?

examples include:
not being able to trade a 340 trinket even though i have 370 trinkets.
Unable to trade a lower level wand even though i have a high level staff
having the same subpar cloak or ring drop for 4 people in raid, no other drops.
the new azerite currency possibly encouraging players to refuse trading azerite pieces (especially in pugs or LFR) so they can scrap and get currency.
10/30/2018 07:37 AMPosted by Jinxius
I get that the WoD garrisons weren’t the greatest. But why not allow guilds to have an instanced place to call home. Are there any plans for this type of thing in the works or can it be done? It just gives guilds more use and also gives guilds something else they can come together to work on. As guilds and active guilds are what keep this game going. I bet when the game isn’t fun for people if they had fun guild things like this to work on it would keep them happy and occupied.

Maybe it could even just be an airship that doesn’t even move. But we get a Guild Hearth stone to quickly portal to it. Maybe have a huge portal room. With portals to each raid. Now maybe the guild has to unlock the acheivmenet for it by beating it on normal first as a guild. Maybe have other portals to other areas of the world. Maybe have test dummies on there. Maybe statues or portraits of different in game achievements guilds achieve.

Maybe those are purchaseable. Maybe every weekly guild challenge done we get a currency on top of the gold. Maybe if a guild unlocks everything then they can either save the currency and maybe buy in game mount or pet that can be unlocked on the guild vendors.

Maybe if it’s not a currency then maybe RARE items that the guild has to farm that are rare drops that are bind for guild only or automatically get credited to the guild to unlock different features. Or maybe even a combination of both.

What do you guys think?

If not an airship maybe a guild island and every noblegarden the guild could hide those Easter eggs around their base for a fun event.

Is faction separate storylines going to be the status quo going forward or will we go back to fighting the same enemy as in Argus?

Will WQ and M+ rewards scale throughout the expansion? How are you planning on scaling the affix and affix breakpoints and rewards?
Are BFA Rep tokens ever going to go account bound? I see them sitting on my mission board on my main just collecting dust since I am exalted with all factions. My alt would love to get that rep instead.
Why is the inscription ink trader requiring Legion pigments instead of BFA dyes?
What is being done to make sure next expansion isn’t going to be as unfinished as this one on release? Between giving us classes that weren’t done and the lackluster product that is azerite armor why is it acceptable to sell us an unfinished expansion?
Why hide the Pathfinder 2 achievement? Even if we know exactly what to work towards, it won't help us unlock flying any earlier than you intend. Because there is always a story achievement that will remain locked as you slowly release the relevant quest chain over a multitude of patches.
Do you intent to allow us to gain reputation past exalted for a cache like you did for Legion?
What can we expect from the dev team in terms of tank balance, moving forward in 8.1 and beyond in BFA?
Any plans on adding in the ability to add people from other servers to your friends list without using Battletag? As it stands, you can already whisper people from other servers knowing their name/server even if you aren't sharded together.

Also, any chance we could get a "hide offline/AFK Battletag friends" inside of World of Warcraft? Having Battletag friends for other games benefits (hots exp bonus) greatly reduces the chance I'll see any World of Warcraft only friends online since they are displayed beneath all friends who are logged into on any platform. Alphabetical sorting of both World of Warcraft and friends in the same list would also be a simple remedy to this (rather than how they are split up by Battletag first, ingame second, then alphabetically currently).

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