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Are Warguard Rakera and Bladeguard Kaja in a lesbian relationship?
Any plans on giving us Gnome battle pets?
Are there old gods in bfA?
Looking For Group has been good for keeping the individual player involved in the game. Mythic Dungeons and Island Expeditions have been good additions that allow players to jump into WoW, play a few matches, and leave WoW without much investment or commitment. Do you have any development in the works that would add more MMO characteristics back into WoW?
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On Saturday, November 3 from 3:30 p.m. PDT to 4:30 p.m. PDT on the Main Hall (D) stage at BlizzCon 2018, Lead World of Warcraft developers will answer questions from both attendees and those who submit questions online.
If you have a question you'd like answered at the Q&A, submit it as a reply to this thread.

This thread will close to new submissions at 6:00 p.m. PDT on November 2.

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    Do you plan on taking Raid Boss testing off of the PTR? This will make your content last longer than a few weeks, because guilds while have to learn boss fights during Live.
    Are there any plans on improiving the WoW camera?
    This is an intentionally vague question. Can you explain your thought process behind balancing the needs of serious players with loads of time to spend, and what I would assume to be the majority of the player base, the casual? For casual players time is obviously limited and its seemingly becoming more difficult to figure out what to prioritize. If a casual can only spend a few hours a week it seems hard to balance necessities such as emissaries and islands, and the content they want to do; either m+, pvp or maybe a few raid bosses.
    Any plans for future raids to have better plate crit/haste stats? Currently Ret Paladins have to grind M+ to get those stats.
    Will we ever see more realm connections so we can recruit better for mythic, sell things to people, open lock boxes (the stuff we used to use /2 for), and stop the flow of people from small pop servers to high pop servers.
    At this point it appears that you intend to take the Horde down a path of irredeemable evil, or civil war...again. If this is the case then just admit it now so I can stop wasting money. I skipped the whole Garrosh escapade, for 3 xpacs, and I can also skip this story until it gets back on the rails.
    The faction imbalance has gotten completely out of control in both PVP/PVE. Only 1 Alliance guild was remotely relevant in the Uldir World First race, and there were only 12 Alliance leaderboard spots claimed when the Horde leaderboard filled. War Mode is virtually unplayable on Alliance because of being consistently outnumbered 5:1 everywhere you go. When are you going to fix this?
    Is it possible for you guys please bring back the add spawn rates that drops the BoE mounts in BfA please?
    Are there any plans for adding new guild features? Like a Guild Order Hall? or more benefits for being in a guild?
    Will you be adding a one hander and shield dps spec for both paladin and warrior? Please? Gladiator was the best thing ever!
    Is there much interest in re-tooling old dungeons to be used in current seasons of mythic+?
    When will blizzard fix the amount of character players can tweet using the selfie cam? Twitter can use more characters now why hasn’t WOW
    Will we ever see two-handed enhancement shamans being a viable form of game play in the near future as we did in Vanilla?
    It's less a question then pointing out a "lore glitch". General Nazgrim died in SoO and before than he hung out in Grommash Hold. In Legion he was revived as the Horseman of Conquest, complete with DK model and glowing eyes. The glitch is pre-SoO Nazgrim is once again hanging out in Grommash Hold.
    Have you ever thought of adding baseline class interactions to WoW for PvP? (e.g. rewarding a warrior with movment speed for spell reflecting a frostbolt; counterspelling cyclone causes the druid to misscast the spell on himself but for only 1/3 the duration (an actual counter to the spell))

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