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10/29/2018 10:39 AMPosted by Fallynn
Where is Blood Prince Dreven
The answer to this question lies in the Alliance war campaign
Can we add some Mythic+ affixes to some of the Normal / Heroic raids for a challenge later on in the expansion?
1.With World of Warcraft Classic on the horizon are there plans for other xpack type server like a TBC or WRATH?

2. Will you be adding content to classic past naxx(something like Jagex did with ORS)?
-How and why did the Night Elves join the Alliance? It was never clearly explained in the lore.
Legion Fishing was an exciting step forward,specifically being able to catch entire pools through traits and the addition of world quests, for a profession that has typically been pretty dull and just time consuming. Since Fishing has been made a large focus of raiding guilds due to feast materials, are there any plans to expand on those positive additions into BFA?
Have you considered having difficulty set at the realm level in order to provide a single-difficulty experience?
Will there be a way to use gold from different characters in different servers/factions to buy WoW Tokens?

80k on a Worgen-Llane
50k on a Tauren-Rivendare
WoW Token cost 110k.

Pull 70k from Worgen and 40k from Tauren

Current method involves one sever (or sister server) having a friend post a grey for X-amount that I buy cross faction. Friend then trades gold back to same faction character.
Do you have any specific plans to add more Agency for players into the random aspects of the game? For example the weekly mythic cache could reward a choice of 3 items (or slots) the player picks from before rolling WF/TF. It's still random for what slot choice and WF/TF, but the player gets to feel more agency of deciding which slot to fill.

Azerite armor currency is a big step in the right direction, but are there plans for more?
With every expansion, there are no readily-available auction house options in our main hub. In WoD, AH access required luck on drops. In BfA, it's a 5M gold mount that may or may not be present. In other expansions, Auction Houses were available only to Engineers with appropriate profession skill level.

Why does Blizzard have such little confidence in their latest content to not make all services available in the new main cities?
when will we get kul tirans / zandalari allied races
High elves, we want them, they’re prevalent npc’s in Boralus and the arathi warfront, as well as the fact saying “the horde is waiting for us” goes against the “it matters” ad campaign.

Since the fan outcry, and even fan concepts on changing them up lookwise, has the wow devs mind been changed on the chances of the races inclusion as a playable allied race?
Did you or the team expect the responses some races have gotten such as Vulpera, Sethrak, and San'layn? Has this changed your mind or given the go ahead on certain future Allied Races?
the initial zones of the BE and Draeneis will be updated in the near future?
Could we see PvP vendors make a return to the game? The current system for acquiring PvP gear does not account for player choice.
pvp vendors?
In another Q&A, Ion stated that they planned to add more customization to the first four allied races but so far we haven't seen any. Are you still planning to add more options for races such as Nightborne and Void Elves? Such as the black hair that Void Elf NPCs have but are not available to players for some reason?
What makes a tank/tanking fun?
Are there any plans to expand some of the extremely unique utilities to other classes or provide a way to get them through professions? A combat rez/shroud/mystic touch/chaos brand/gorefiends consumable could help make professions like engineering and inscription relevant again while affording more varied comps in m+.
When to expect account-or-faction-wide gold? Account-or-faction-wide reagent bank?

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