Looking for casual guild

Took a bit of a break. Havent played much since Pandaria.
Looking for a casual alliance guild on Kel'thuzad that I can grow with and possibly start raiding with. I'm only on a couple times a night at random right now.
Still uncertain if I want to stick with my Hunter or if I should focus on Paladin, Warrior, Shaman or Death Knight though. Really only want to focus on 1 at the moment due to work.
Wow, do I have the perfect guild for you. Give us a shot to earn your membership and I think you will be well pleased.


If you don't have a lvl 120, you can start raiding soon after you ding, and also you can join us for mythic+ runs.

Ready to raid tonight? Be on at 7pm raid time, whisper me and we will get an invite. Stick with our guild and we will gear you out, and you will find a nice home.

Our raid times are fri/sat 7pm to 10pm server. My btag is in the link, or just whisper Secretofmana next time you see me on.

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