When/what was the first time WoW broke your heart?

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The destruction of the world in Cataclysm. Loch Modan was my favorite zone in the whole game. :(
This is easy, and it still stings. When Shaman two-handed enhance with original windfury was taken away and replaced with the dual wielding spec it is now, that broke my heart.
Quite a few things in WoW "broke my heart, so to speak...

• the loss of single minded fury
• the loss of talent trees in general
• the loss of my key ring
• the loss of reforging
• the obliteration of professions
• specs feeling like their own separate class
• cross realm zoning
• level (and ilvl) scaling in current content
• being grounded for most of an expac
When they released the new (current) talent tree.
Cata patch. First they broke my class, then they broke the world.

I left for four years and am still not quite over it.
When, after getting my first character to max level, my guildies told me about this thing called the Gear Grind.
Love the responses
When they announced they were getting rid of armor pen back when blood was a dps spec and armor pen was nuts for them in Ulduar. Had to re gem, enchant everything. ended up rolling frost and havent looked back since.
When they destroyed all the classic content with Cataclysm. Flying wasn't worth it.
Dance studio didn't go live.
Thousand needles flooded..... I miss questing there
When they deleted half of rogues abilities, and still do, legion introduced Kingsbane, and now it got deleted a year later.
expose armor
slice and dice
hunger for blood
agonizing poison
why have a rotation, right?
When the cata pre patch dropped and I realized the old world was changed forever.
When I had to kill vultures by setting them on fire in Voldun.

When I had to kill Ysera And she died looking at the moon with a tear running down her cheek.
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Mine was when they took away Unholy Death Knight tanking. I'm telling you guys, tanking Unholy in Icecrown Citadel was GLORIOUS! What was the first time you were really heartbroken/disappointed by something WoW did???

When I woke up all alone and WoW was gone and only a few gold pieces left on the nightstand.
Cataclysm, if I’m being honest.

Though my heart has been broken other times too, like WoD pruning or when UA became the Affliction shard spender.
Took them a long time. I started at the end of Vanilla, and they waited until Legion to break my spec (Combat). I had even transitioned to Outlaw relatively painlessly and it was going well. Then they broke it. Utterly. I've never focused on the dps for the spec (or I'd have left many time over the years), it was that the game-play was so bad.

And they refused to admit it.

Way down the road they finally fixed it. Quietly. I have less connection to my character and this game from that event still.
Every time they remove a totem they remove a piece of this witchdoctor's heart.

Then when they took Gust of Wind they took those pieces ran them through a big ol' bonestorm blender.
When epic class mounts became available from vendors for 40g...

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