Frost changes on ptr

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11/01/2018 03:56 PMPosted by Meadamemnon
11/01/2018 03:16 PMPosted by Cmetrollin
Fact is, mages are far from top damage in M+. Demon hunters, rogues and hunters can pump out equal to or higher numbers quite easily.

Mages are sought after for their utility. Much like rogues with shroud.

Polymorph is by far one of the weakest CCs in this game right now, so that's not an excessive contribution to the utility.

Changing the slow and damage output of this class is by far a poor decision.

All three rogue specs are out performing all three mage specs in M+ at the moment, by a considerable margin.

Perhaps take a look at your dungeon design flaws before you point fingers are class utility.

Comparing Mage to the overtuned rogue doesnt help your argument. Compare them to middle of the pack ranged or middle of the pack melee would be better. But Rogue? I think most if not all of us, except Rogues of course, would agree that Assas needs to be brought down even more.

You're missing my point. Not only are they taking away our utility, they're reducing our damage.
Oh well I was gonna quit once my month runs out anyway since mage in BFA is no fun and feels too gutted. I just wanted to main frost because I find it more fun than the other specs but the only reason everyone wants us for M+ right now is the slows utility and decent aoe on trash. Our patchwerk dps is bottom tier right now so what's left for the spec if you gut the utility and the one good spell (frozen orb)?
Yeah frost was the only complete feeling build wats the use of getting it up now if we know it’s gonna be nuked with spec killing nerfs in a month . I was arcane at first and from one day to the next the spec became unplayable in pvp and pvp is what I like, so I went frost . But now the same thing is happening.
Too much drama, we still OP at AoE, just with less utility for M+.
Frost mage is taken because of its utility. It's not huge dps unless you have your orb and comet storm up but you're looking at time between mass dps. It's mid range dps compared to other classes. Instead of nerfing any class that is semi decent, maybe balance classes properly before you bring the nerf hammer blizz?
11/01/2018 07:23 PMPosted by Harryputter
Too much drama, we still OP at AoE, just with less utility for M+.

You've said this in at least three threads, so I would assume you have the experience necessary to make such a statement. I'm sure on one of your other accounts, right?
11/01/2018 07:23 PMPosted by Harryputter
Too much drama, we still OP at AoE, just with less utility for M+.

You've said this multiple times and at no point mention this is a single target nerf. Nor have you attempted to explain the "we" when you aren't even 120.
Mage is already the worst solo class(by far) and now even more so.
Wowzer. I feel like frost mage was in a good place, sustainable single target dmg feeling a little low. This Snare nerf is terrible.

I was in a AV the other day and a blood DK was able to live for like 2 mins with 5-6 of us beating on him with heroism. He just kept regenerating like insane amounts.

Then in AB there was like 3 healers and 2 dps and we have 1 healer and 3 dps and we just sat there fighting for atleast 10 mins without a kill.

Tanks and healers in pvp are OP.
11/01/2018 07:23 PMPosted by Harryputter
Too much drama, we still OP at AoE, just with less utility for M+.

This 110 ilvl mage is trolling, ignore him. lol
you are all delusional. you needed a nerf
11/02/2018 04:27 PMPosted by Myrongaìns
you are all delusional. you needed a nerf

55 ilvl pally lol... No comments.. lol
Honestly, frost mage and blood DK are my favourite to play. If these changes go through I'll probably just go play my stupid childhood 2D game NexusTK.
11/02/2018 04:27 PMPosted by Myrongaìns
you are all delusional. you needed a nerf

Oh gotta continue that tried practice of crying about frost for unknown reasons on a not max level character that you could at least attempt trying to pass off as a main.
Absolutely every other class has been moaning about frost mage slows esp. in random pvp (ignoring their own array of stuns, snares, damage and movement) It has finally caught a bid by the devs but, for example, why bother with even giving us 1.5 secs of slows - they may as well take it all. Soloing even WQs is going to be stupendously painful.
And they want to attract more to world pvp via warmode. Warmode is not 3v3 (and therefore balanced apparently lol) so a frost mage without slows, heals or peels is going be insta kill.
The iconic slows and freezes is what attracted me to frost mage. Now we are a ? ..... a watery mage ?
Are there any frost mages that are on PTR ? Are they giving any real feedback? If not, does this mean they think the changes are fine ?
Edit: I am now very worried ... looking at the US and EU PTR forum and Class changes forums there is little, if any, commentary or dialog by frost mages on these significant frost mage changes.
So Blizzard duration and cooldown are the same and scale with haste. Each shard slows for 1.5 seconds with the proposed changes. If you can Blizzard as soon as the cooldown comes up your snare will fade (depending on haste) just before the new Blizzard lands. Essentially what they're going for with this change is they don't want you to cast Blizzard once and keep a group of mobs slowed for 15 seconds (not even looking at the PvP side of things) and while 15 seconds seems ludicrous, 1.5 seconds makes it seem like too much of a chore keeping things slowed. Ideally, the right number is closer to the 8 seconds Frostbolt snare is being nerfed to than the 1.5 second snare they currently have it at.

I'm guessing the thought process is, from cast completion to snare removal, they wanted it around 8 seconds. So, as long as a mob stays in your Blizzard, it will be snared for around 8 seconds - the same as Frostbolt's new snare reduction.

It almost feels like... They just want things to be snared long enough for a Frost Mage to make distance and get the next snare off while waiting for CDs to come back up. There doesn't seem (with these changes) to be a possibility of snaring an entire pack while pumping single target DPS into one of the targets while taking them down one at a time... Instead, we're expected to just kite forever by focusing on our AoE slows while slowly whittling down the mobs. This does not sound fun at all - my first thought is, how freaking horrible are island Expedition gonna be for Frost Mage now? I probably won't be able to solo much at all in Normal Island Expeditions... and that feels really bad - Especially at 380 ilvl.

My hope is that these changes mean we're going to be given a strong self-heal ability (not Azerite traits). But that's not in these patch notes which is probably why many mages fear the worst. They can't just take all this passive survival away from us and not give us better active survival.

Either way... From the time all Mages lost the ability to have both Shimmer and Ice Floes (early Legion), Mage has just been destroyed patch after patch after patch which makes me 100% confident of the incompetence of the people making changes to Mages. It is clear to me that none of the people balancing Mage actually play Mage a significant amount.

I almost wish they would just hire a bunch of players of all classes to sit in a room and play the game on live servers with cameras monitoring their reactions the entire time. I think they'd be able to tell by the looks on Mage faces, that this class is not as fun as it once was or as fun as other classes currently are.
I'm guessing the thought process is..........

This is my major problem with the PTR process. There is no commentary around why changes are being looked at or what is the actual problem they are trying to solve. They just dump it live and see if people can live (literally) with it. Then the rest of us not on PTR make a lot of assumptions and get damn frustrated.
I mean, really, is it to do with burst AOE and/or slowing in M+ or is it a pvp solution they are looking at? Why was there a blue post comment that a bunch of changes, particularly mentioning melee specs, are now being reverted? Why are they specifically getting reverted and not others? - the post does say "Those specs should be among the best at burst AOE, but we believe they're currently ahead of everyone else by a little too much" but why 'should" those specs be among the best? I mean really, frost mage "should" be the best at slows, AOE or otherwise, but now ?????? Somebody tell us something for god's sake !!!!!
this guts mages. i am not even gonna pretend it doesn't. however, i doubt mages are gonna receive something like a heal because of it. because of MUH CLASS FANTASY. you guys are the mirror image class to warlocks and we have to be really different as the only two pure casters. we have good healing and a tank pet to protect us. we can face tank most things. you guys were supposed to be slippery, but they're taking that away. without buffs in other areas i'm not sure how you're gonna solo level or do arathi rares or something by yourselves. i feel for you. (also unlike the other trolling warlock in this thread i realize the nerfbat is coming for us as well.)

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