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Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
11/02/2018 05:39 PMPosted by Alkii
One day you'll regret telling people to quit or "unsub."

You do realize that if enough people buy into what you're saying, you won't have WoW to play anymore, right?

Be careful what you wish for, Baconator.
For the time I was subbed in Legion I didn't have WoW to play - every time I logged in I was hoping to find some of the fun I used to have from TBC-WoD. Never found it.

For those who say unsubbing does nothing, all I can say is that I hope that between unsubs and complaints Blizz gets the idea and fixes things. While I would be sad if WoW totally died, at least now I can hope that there is a fix in the future. Beyond that hope of fixes, WoW is already dead to me.
How about you just leave forums? Not constructive feedback is still a feedback. Pointing out issues is good.
For one i have unsubbed , But i shouldnt have to unsub for my feedback to be heard.
11/02/2018 09:58 PMPosted by Ornasse
I already did <--

Unfortunately the panel didn't give me any reason to buy BFA yet.
I just got tired of opening, for third time in a row, the same ilvl 370 item. I don't feel rewarded, PvP it's only worthy to play on classes, every class feels the same and no progression. Sadly, I'm playing a game which I'm not having fun. But not anymore.
I unsub'd because of Blizzard's approach on feedback.

When Guardian druid's have a thread from Beta reaching 1000+ posts with no Blizzard response while DK's get immediate feedback within 24 hours regarding nerfs to their damage that's in the upcoming 8.1, it's really disheartening.
the title is a bit uhhhh terrible but the msg is clear
11/02/2018 05:39 PMPosted by Alkii
One day you'll regret telling people to quit or "unsub."

You do realize that if enough people buy into what you're saying, you won't have WoW to play anymore, right?

Be careful what you wish for, Baconator.

I remember when you played this game with 3k players or less. The other 997k are just padding.
I agree - vote with your wallet,unsub. 10,000 threads of whining
doesn't help. Tell them your "i quit" story and go away.
Just a few things since I keep seeing these types of threads:

1. You don't need a sub to post here.

2. This is a forum for feedback. Most people who go out of their way to post feedback probably did so because they believe that something can be improved.

3. Ion himself asked that players simply give feedback the best way they know how. Some are more rational and more well spoken than others. The devs try to weed through the emotionally charged bit to get to the feedback.

4. Multiple people saying the same thing helps the devs determine how big or how small a problem is.

5. If you want back pats, positivity, and memes, I reccommend WoW Reddit.
To be honest the current team has such an emphasis on being insular and job protection wow will burn before they fix anything or find people who will.
Can any vote change even a single letter of one word of a clause of one statute?

I unsubbed months ago.
You know that we can post here without a subscription, right? I killed Mythic Argus and left, because I got the beta and that was a dumpster fire.
Sub ends Nov 25. I've had enough of the balance team being so precise as to ensure the Demon Hunter population doesn't drop by allowing them to be utterly broken in all phases of the game.
Sub canceled.

As someone that has put in more effort this year into making classes people want to play than blizzard has since the end of MOP..... yep done.

If they can't do better than I can in my free time then why am I paying them.
I unsubbed on Sunday. Now it's time to make my voice heard, because I love this game, but I want to play a Shadowpriest, and they aren't letting me, because Shadow is unplayable.

So I will continue complaining until they fix it, but I won't give them money for this product anymore.
I've unsubbed last week, though I'm still giving feedback before my sub wears out on January. But honestly, I'm getting tired. My favorite specs, shadow and demonology sucks, and we've got nothing addressed, even with the tons of feedback given. Demo's got some changes yesterday, but it improves almost nothing, it doesn't solves the mechanic issues and the huge ramp up the spec has.

I might be coming back for classic, but right now, even if you add a ton of content, new dungeons, raids, I won't be able to enjoy it, for my classes sucks, so to experience this new content would be at least painful and frustrating.

Until devs maintain this "you know nothing, my spreadsheet says your spec's doing well" design philosophy, I guess I'm done with the game, I'll be playing on some TBC server elsewhere until they change their minds.
I don't think it sucks. I got jaded about no hh mount after 1200 attempts, but I've gotten over it and am enjoying the game again

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