Mage Pvp

Which is better for 3v3 frost or fire?
I see you are currently on a warlock. Since Blizzard deleted that class you're probably making a good call with mage.

ever seen this site?

Good for questions like this.

Most higher rated 3v3 players are doing fire/frost with fire showing the highest representation. Arcane not at all but the other two specs are fine.
Fire. Easiest and most op of the mage specs in its current iteration
Honestly depends on what comp your playing and what you are fighting.
fire is definitely the easier spec to play right now and I think its slightly better than frost depending on what comp you play. Ideally you want to play with an assa rogue and hpal if you are playing fire.

Frost is good for RMpriest and Feral/mage
depends on what you're queuing into, both are easy and relatively mindless
Frost keeps getting nerfed and is getting some more heavy nerfs on the ptr. Fire is probably a better bet, but play whatever you have more fun on.
Fires really good currently due to good overall dmg and cc toolkit. Frost has better control if melee cleaves are giving you problems.

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