Dungeon UI issue - Kings' Rest

Bug Report
I did 8 M+ instances this week for the weekly quest - 4 on druid and 4 on dk. Only one I had this issue with and it was King's Rest with my dk. For some reason, debuffs were showing UNDER the instance timer box. It's very annoying, given the fact I needed to watch bursting stacks this week.

I don't use UI mods to modify my buttons or interface in any way, so this shouldn't be an issue. This is with Blizzard's default UI. And like I said, it only happened in this instance on that character (I didn't go there on my druid, so not sure if it's related to the character at all).

Here is an image so you can see what I mean, there is a debuff in the middle right under the timer box: https://imgur.com/dYK2vlA

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