New Portal Rooms Announcement

Are mages annoyed at this?

I feel like they're making city accessibility so ridiculously easy, and it takes away from the impact and awesomeness of having a class with teleports and portals.

Not really. They've been doing port rooms since wotlk, and now with all the hearthstones they've given out I can't remember the last time someone actually sought out a portal. It's an extremely dull way to make gold anyway.

Aside from that, all these port rooms and hearthstones still are inferior to having personal teleport spells that can be cast anywhere on demand. Other classes have to travel to these port rooms to get around (and some of them don't even have the ports they're looking for, so they have to take multiple ports) and still rely on their hearthstones in the open world. The only reason I even bother using my hearthstone is because of the quick-cast enchant.
I can finally stop getting asked for ports to X city. I'm for this entirely.
Both bfa and legion have portal rooms already. Stormwind had the makings of one with the 4 or 5 portals in the mage tower.

I'm very rarely asked for portals now. And when I am it's by a low level character that hasn't unlocked the content but still wants to go to the city. Those characters will still need to ask for a portal because the portal room version will be locked to them.
11/05/2018 12:11 PMPosted by Vierth
Are mages annoyed at this?

I feel like they're making city accessibility so ridiculously easy, and it takes away from the impact and awesomeness of having a class with teleports and portals.


... They are literally just making a new room for portals that are already in the game or future portals that were going to be in the game no matter what.
As long as I can still send guildies who aren't paying attention to Ancient Dalaran, I'm happy.

I did have someone ask me for a Port last week, got 300g out of it.
Thinking more about the impact on the lore of the class actually being unique and important.

It'd be like NPC's being added to every city that gave Fortitude buffs to everyone. It'd make priests feel less cool.

I feel less cool ever since they made portals so available.
It does not bother me, I just remind myself that I have the benefit of putting my hearthstone in other areas and not sacrifice portal access.
There's already plenty of ways to get around in the game, centralizing portals isn't a big deal.
Can't say I miss the days of being whispered for a portal 30 times in the hour of running isle dailies
I’m torn.
11/05/2018 07:24 PMPosted by Thinkwizzle
I’m torn.

Go on...
The portals always been there, it just place them all in the same place. Yes mages could cash on players lack of knowledge of portal locations, but that was pennies compare what you can make today.
Personally I don’t mind it. Most MMOs now have instantaneous personal transportation base for all classes. If anything WoW is behind with the times. Being able to open a portal for your group/raid at the end of a run still feels satisfying and even with all the heartstones we still get a lot of perosnal utility out of our teleports.
I've never really felt like limiting the utility of all classes just to make certain classes feel better about themselves to be particularly good game design.

Some examples of this being: Mage portals (fast travel), Warlock summons (or travel to party member), hybrid class resurrections, etc. These things really should be baseline for everyone.
As a Mage as my main I am feeling like Mage portals are becoming less special. It would be nice if they could change Mage portals slightly to bring back that special thing.
My idea for portals is when you click for either single or group portals that instead of the list that is becoming crowded instead it pulls up the map system. Where you can click on any city/town that is your faction or neutral and it will take you there or make a group portal there.
That way mage portals can be special again as well as making it easier to know which city/town is closest to where you need to go.
I still get appreciation for portals at the end of a dungeon and raid.

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