[H] 2 370+ ilvl 8/8H Players LF New Home!

As the title says, we are a duo that consists of a 370+ Prot(Ret) Paladin/Mistweaver/Rogue & a 373 WW Monk/BM Hunter that are looking for a 2 day Raiding/M+ guild that clears heroic weekly with emphasis on the M+.

Raid times/days we are looking for: Tuesday & Thursday within times of 7:30 pm EST - 11:30 pm EST

If interested, please leave a reply here or add my btag: Reapernub#1364. Thanks!
Ruined Immersion- Raiding, PvP, Mythic+ Dungeons, Social fun guild:

As a little bonus I will be giving away 100k gold for FREE each week to a random player during the raid. After the break halfway through the raid when asked to roll the dice the person who has the highest number between 1 and 100 will win the gold. If two or more people get the same highest number then they roll again. What's not to like about that? As incentive for just coming to the raid you have a chance to earn FREE gold and Epic Loot !!
Hey there!

I sent you a bnet friend request and would like to talk to you more about what The Old Gods can offer and if our guild may be a good fit for you :).
Bump! Still looking for a guild that clears Heroic regularly!
Hi Kim, perhaps our heroic team is what you're looking for? <Adversaries> hosts one heroic team that is currently 8/8H and will continue to clear heroic weekly without progression into mythic. Their raid schedule is Wed/Thu 8:30pm to 11pm EST (Thursday may be skipped in the event of a full clear on Wednesday). Outside of raid time, our community does regular keys and coordinates them through our Discord. If you wanna talk more, reach me at Keljran#1466. I'll go ahead and add you as well, but feel free to ignore if we're not what you had in mind.


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