Sylvanas tied to the light?

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So I was watching Bellular's lore vids from Blizzcon and I know there's a lot of focus on death as an antagonist but, seeing as how they're opposed to the void as well as what we saw on AU Draenor during the Mag'har scenario does anyone think it's at all possible that the light was what told Vol'jin to make Sylvanas warchief, knowing she'd inevitably fight N'zoth for them (unbeknownst to her) clearing the way for a possible visit to Azeroth in the future?
The Hand of Valor that had risen Vol'jin and the being that told him to make Sylvanas Warchief are possibly separate entities.

The Hand of Valor may have connections with Light, Titian related or possibly another "god" like beings like Elune that the Titians know about.

And whatever did convince Vol'jin was an entity that had the power cut his connection with the Loa and Spirits, possibly related to death.

My guess it's Yogg-Saron who had transcended into the world of the dead or Argus for him being both a Titian and having governance over death.

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