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I am all for the amount of rep related mission we get, helps a lot, but to offer 4 missions for rep I am already exalted with is ridiculous. Then I have to wait for x amount of hours before it cycles out and adds new faction rep.

I don't want it done away with, that would not be fair, but is there a way you could make it like you did in Legion where if you are exalted with a rep on a certain characters, you would get a token for that rep from a mission, that you could send to another one of your characters.

I am sure others have brought this up.
You will enjoy the engaging missions content that Blizzard blessed you with and you will love it forever you ungrateful scum!

All of the table rewards have been extremely underwhelming. I almost see no difference in rep for a faction I'm already exalted with and 180g(if at 200%) or 300 something AP (if at 200%). What is even worse though is that world quests still reward rep, even if you are already exalted.
I am not sure, but I feel that they do not want you to do the missions table any longer after getting exalted with all the factions. If this is not the case, I am missing the point.
I just want the red attune rune stone rewards.
Stop giving me stupid stuff like AP and reps.
Shh, this is blizzard giving you what you think you dont want.
I am currently only seeking 3 reps, Az if convenient/bored, Augment <fill in new name here>. After the reps I see only doing the Augments.

Of course, once they do their rng loot bags attached to the reps (which I hate with a passion of 1000 suns and they best be not placing that bee in there!!!!1111!!!), I suppose it might resurface as an activity. But I will resent that if there is anything I personally want from those bags. I already played that in Legion and got ZERO for my efforts. Still salty about that.
The game doesn't check what YOU have, when doing the mission board missions. It never has.

I'm exalted to 7th Legion, exalted to order of embers and high revered to the rest; This is partially from the mission board rep missions. They do come up quite a lot.

The main reason they seem unrewarding, to me, is the paltry sum of gold still being offered. Who is going to do a mission for 185 gold?

Also, the total lack of follower equipment is weird. As someone with two herb/mine characters, I have nothing to stick in their slots. I look on the AH, the thing to just increase success by 10 percent costs THIRTY THOUSAND GOLD; There is no way I'd pay that. Remember how follower stuff fell from the skies in Legion? Even bad stuff was better than "no stuff at all." Why even have those stupid slots? It seems to be only for a tradeskill person, so they can feel like at least they got a couple scraps of cloth.

I have got more of the "red stone" rewards now, I click on them along with my fel thingie (since that expensive legion thing doesn't work at max level.) I'm up to a pile of 19 now!
Soon we'll get rewards for overcapping rep but until then...yay...

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