Ulduar is now unplayable for me.

Bug Report
I've been soloing this quest now for a month with no issues, until last week. At the first boss the tank, I get Hodir's Fury in a constant loop. The spell goes from 59 secs to 49 then starts over at 59 sec. I also have Battering ram spell on me stuck in a loop for 17 secs to 20. After 20 mins I got so mad I turned my computer off. I've been doing this quest with no issues for past month but now none of my chars can get past the first boss. I checked the boards and this seems to have happened back in 2016 also.
...Run away from the blue pillars of light?
Do you need to do it on hard mode? Just talk to Brann first rather than the titan guy and there won't be any towers. It doesn't affect anything except the one extra drop you get from FL.
I do it in heroic 25 man. No idea on blue towers as I try and kill boss at the end door of the first room. Same place I been killing boss all of last month. I always talk to first dude as I get one hit before I get to boss if I don't.

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