Older Players Welcome

Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether
<Over The Hill Crew> Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt is looking for older players who prefer to take the scenic route. We plan to take our time leveling, running dungeons at a slower pace, and trying new classes with a familiar group with no judgement. Start fresh or bring an older character. This is a new guild and we are just starting out. Come join the fun and help us grow! If interested whisper Hettie or anyone in the guild for an invite.
I had a similar idea for a guild not too long ago. Good luck.
Thank you! Feel free to come join us.
I looked for you guys the other day so I could put an alt in your guild, but no one was on. :p
Until we grow a bit more, that may be the problem. However, we would love to have you so keep trying! I will be on within the next hour or so. We are growing. It is simply a slow process. I am sure that is how it goes with any new guild. :D

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