I miss MoP Ret

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Although a passive, one of the things I miss most. Healing up to full with an instant SH-FoL after a trash pack.

Better yet, use HoW to guarantee a killing blow > SH-FoL for a clutch in-combat heal. I loved this in challenge modes.

I miss our abilities having cool interactions with each other. In WotLK, the more targets you hit with Divine Storm the higher chance there was to trigger Art of War > use AoW to time an instant FoL with a Sacred Shield shield (which grants FoL an increased chance to crit) > crit heals apply a HoT called Sheath of Light.

Our abilities don't play off each other like that anymore. They're not rewarding. Look no further than the Legion / BfA greater blessing system for a prime example of how Ret has become blander than oatmeal.

11/13/2018 05:47 AMPosted by Kyarïna
I miss having auras

Ret should get three auras. None of crap like Holy has where you have to swap talents - make them all baseline and you can only have one active.

Aura 1: reduces raid's physical damage taken by X%
Aura 2: reduces raid's shadow damage taken by X%
Aura 3: increases raid's healing taken by X%.

Effects increased by 100% when not in a raid. The graphic lights up the entire raid whenever you switch auras, and it flashes under your own feet periodically.

Delete greater blessings. Give Ret back Sacred Shield.

11/13/2018 01:27 AMPosted by Juvvia
Devotion Aura was great for healers and casters because when you cast Devotion Aura the raid group wouldn't get interrupted for 6 secs.

The interrupt immunity from Aura Mastery (later renamed Dev Aura) was a lot of fun in PvP as well. If nothing else, it could make for a cool Ret PvP talent.
I miss Legion Ret. Divine Hammer was amazing, Judgment cleaving to additional targets was awesome, and I absolutely loved the additional crit against high health enemies as a sort of inverse execute phase.

And even though I may be one of the few, I found Holy Wrath to be incredibly fun. I loved popping Shield of Vengeance, Divine Hammer, Avenging Wrath and then Steed right into the heart of the enemy force. Throw out as much damage as possible before being CCed and focused. Divine Shield just before death then Holy Wrath, Blinding Light, keep Divine Hammer tearing into them as they wander around disoriented and either spam heals or keep the Holy offensive pressure going.

This is the type of play that would have made Lightforged Draenei racials glorious, and is actually the reason I created this character. It's really disappointing to see what Ret has become, but I remember seeing so many, OP included, praising this new iteration even as all your strengths were stripped away.

TBC would be my second favorite version, but it was a Prot/Ret hybrid that I enjoyed. Managing Seals, Judgments, Auras, Health, and Mana as well as number of enemies for an increased rate of Reckoning procs relative to the amount of health I could sustain.

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