Tank Spec(s) vs DPS Spec(s) for leveling

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So, I'm recently returned from WoD (skipped Legion), and while I must admit, I enjoy the ZONE scaling (I get to do quests I never did before)...the MOB scaling has me a little...bored I guess. There is little to no threat of dying in open world questing so far, but for speed's sake, it is infinitely easier to go Tank spec, pull all 10 whatever I need to kill, kill...loot...boom done. DPS spec does fine, but tank spec, so far, Pally, and Bear...you kill things as fast AoE/group pull as you would DPS spec 1 at a time...I don't understand making things take longer to kill with no additional threat of death, leveling isn't harder, it's just slower. Whats the point of that? I like'd 2-shotting random raptors with my hunter in Full Heirlooms while leveling...I mean after doing some of these quests 40 times...how engulfed in the quest lore am I?????
Well if it makes you feel any better, I hear they are nerfing some of the xp needed to level up in 8.1.

I personally always switch up my leveling... meaning... I always bounce between specs to keep it fresh and different. I’m leveling a Druid and it’s pretty fun playing a different spec each day. I’m leaning toward bear being the best because like you said... agro’ing everything and just aoe’ing them down is fast and easy.

I’m personally enjoying this scaled system of leveling. I don’t find it takes too long to kill something. Yeah I’m not one or two shotting stuff, but that doesn’t really bother me.

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