Black Temple

Demon Hunter
How do i run black temple without timewalking?? whenever i walk in it just initiates the timewalking event even when solo
Just run it. The mobs in the first room say your level but they will get one shotted. The rest of the dungeon the mobs will be around level 70
11/13/2018 01:14 PMPosted by Redbëard
Just run it. The mobs in the first room say your level but they will get one shotted. The rest of the dungeon the mobs will be around level 70

Whenever I enter the instance it puts it into timewalking when im trying to run it regular is what im saying,

i dont have the glaives yet to do the timewalking part of the transmog
i put my raid settings on normal and legacy raid size to 10 players and that gave me the old black temple, it says all the mobs are level 120 and the lady at the beginning is there but i'm pretty sure it's still considered the old black temple since the mobs die in 1 hit
That is correct. I did it earlier, and they all showed 120 but died just like normal. Just don't take the quest.
That's very interesting. I'm here to raise feedback about the tuning for timewalk queued BT run. I ran this dungeon extensively in when it was current and it feels tuned exactly to a guild running fresh with no progression in the tier.
The same feel as magister's terrace when it came out and the general heroics for v2 / classic+ that burning crusade presented to us.

It doesn't seem like anyone can defeat the dungeon tuned this hard. While it is possible, it seems like it would actually take a guild running it together with one group, learning and honing their gameplay in their roles against the boss phases---- and how is that to be viable for an event that runs for a week every many months? Essentially the tuning needs to be slightly adjusted even if it just toward the amount of damage dealt out for healers to handle with the mechanics. I appreciate the locking of the legendary appearance behind this challenge level, although I find it unsatisfactory that only a demon hunter can use the mog of what is originally a sword for classic players that obtained it in the original timeline ----- but I would like the ability to assemble my team over a longer time arc and actually beat this content as intended. It is basically pointless to do with the dungeon pre-made tool. Almost no groups can handle blood boil, council, or illidan for sure. And then, the tool requires abandoning the progressed instance in order to find replacements when people ran out of time or rage quit. I joined at least 4 groups today that advertised they were at council or illidan and unable to proceed. If that is intended then this content needs to be taken out of the event for serious players to take on from a community approach.

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