Fastest leveling spec

Ill be honest ive never really tried Demonology even on my mains, always preferred destro and aff as off spec, but im curious which would allow me to level faster on this alt?
I'm guessing you really want that heritage armor if you're leveling a second warlock!

I can't really give advice on lower leveling my lock main in vanilla. We didn't have the felguard back then until pre-patch for BC.

It really depends on how you like to play. Up until about lvl 40, i think any spec is fine. Destro will probably kill faster. At lvl 40 i think you can get the felguard, so that will give demo a boost. It can tank, and dish out decent dmg.
Destro and demo probably better, afflictions ramp up is kinda slow, destro can do some pretty quick work of open world mobs, borderline 1 shotting most.

Demo, is pretty good due to having a tank, but at the same time very strong aoe CDs early on.
When I leveled (near the end of legion but before prepatch) aff was by far the easiest way, but it was not the fastest way. I can't vouch for demo as I never tried it, but destro could put things down very quickly 1 at a time.
my lock is at 33 right now, and demo is fastest so far. you can pull so much and your demon army just shreds everything.
Destro is generally best because leveling is about bursting down low health mobs quickly, and destro has the best tools for that in Conflagrate and Shadowburn.
if you're willing to turn on war mode, DEFINITELY destro. shadowburn isn't a good talent max level but while questing, it and conflag support your ember gen a ton and focused chaos+bane of havoc as pvp talents ensure that everything - EVERYTHING - melts.

this is primarily because low level scaling is really wonky, but with focused chaos, every non-elite mob in legion leveling is 1shot by chaos bolt, without exaggeration.
I had a lot of success with destro. You can burst down a surprising number of mobs. Especially with your infernal.

It's my preferred spec
i havent lvled with new demo but destro was always the fastest affliction sucks dont do it
Demo is fast without War Mode and Destro with Warmode

Affliction takes forever, Warmode or not
destro > demo > aff. my lock is 114 now and destro is great

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