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So I got a new phone, which means I need to change over the authenticator, but I can't, because I don't have an authenticator to get into the account for the authenticator..... which means that I can't get into my account, because my authenticator won't authenticate, etc etc. You get the picture.

When attempting to make a ticket to get help, guess what? I need to "double check" my identity and to do so requires an authenticator.

Please help Mr Gm. I want off this wild ride.
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Do you still have the old phone? If so, you should be able to duplicate the authenticator from the old phone, onto the new one. I requires the Serial and Restore codes from the original authenticator.

Otherwise, yes, you'll need to open a ticket and instead of using the Authenticator option, just below that option should be one to open a ticket with ID. This should not require an authenticator (unless it's changed recently, which wouldn't make sense).

If you go to the link below and choose Authenticator Problem, it should give you the right option ;)

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