Chaos Bolt was more fun in WOTLK

In WOTLK, it was a 2.5 sec cast without any haste. Currently, it's 3 seconds. The long cast time is no fun. I'd rather have it reduced .5 seconds, and then have its damage reduced accordingly so that DPS is similar in the end, provided ideal circumstances (free casting). Throw in Conflag cast reductions, and it becomes soooo much more fun to use.
Destro in WotLK was my favorite version, 20 sec cd instant shadowfury, coil, shadowflame, howl of terror, backlash procs, baseline demonic circle, nether protection.. wow what a spec. So fun.
Triple flashpoint makes destro enjoyable.. 1.3-1.5 sec bolts.

Even double flashpoint is a gigantic difference.
Should Soulfire be instant cast?? :O
I swear 3x shadows bite on BOTH demo ptp and fel guard builds outbursts destro these days.

Anyway bring back mop gameplay with wotlk
We don't want CB doing less damage. We want to cast less frequent but harder hitting Chaos Bolts so our damage is properly condensed into our cooldown windows/Havoc.

It felt good in WoTLK because it hit like a truck.

Destro was how you describe you want it to be back in EN and it was pretty bad.
I personally think blizz needs to move away from long cast = big damage/one shot for pvp. It's not fun to play as and it's not fun to play against. Best part is that blizz can keep long casts for destro pve and Nerf damage while reducing cast time in pvp but it won't happen :(.
It's ok. I don't want them reducing our damage just so we can cast a bit faster. Just get more haste and work at getting ignition mage fuse trinket.
Then you will be ok. I'm mostly fine with how we work now. I don't want them fking things up because they would.Focus should be more on azerite traits imo.

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