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Remember that clan from WC2? They were defending the dark portal with the Dragonmaw and Burnning Blade clans till the very end but they don't get the same respect.
I remember. I was there.
Looked up up, they are basically a clan solely founded by Blackhand to be a scouting arm of the Blackrock clan and to defend the portal.
I think they re-integrated into the Blackrock Clan sometime between III and WoW as Rend was the leader of the Blackrock Orcs.
Phew title threw me off. I thought is was another "Where are you from" threads.
My guess was going to be West Virginia. Ah well,
They were Blackrock orcs, founded for Blackhand's magically grown kids to lead as a separate clan.

After Tides of Darkness, Alliances captured Doomhammer, Blackrock was broken. Rend proclaimed himself warchief by Blackhand's lineage, so it has be Blackrock clan, not Blacktooth Grin, so he defunct Blacktooth Grin and convert back to Blackrock for all the legal reasons and body counts.

In case Doomhammer return to take control, the bulk of Blackrock in the south will side with Rend because those are his forces.

You realize in the book, Rend was approached by Nerzhul's forces during Beyond the Dark Portal and he rejected cooperation and claimed that all will serve him.

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