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There's travel in your future when you hit level thirty and you get your travel form.

You will never be a rogue, always healing and crying about your class.
Stay Weird Al-ways.
Of all the men of Azeroth I must say, that my least favorite race is the Elf.
Level 20 cat form is about the same. Its really good for the first time you do the wetlands run if you can manage to wait till 20 to do it. Druids the only class i think i wait on to be honest.
Druids don't cry about their class. They know who they are and accept their role. That is except for Ziryus. He whines like a constipated newborn baby. But he's not a real druid. He's a wrath baby druid.

The class that whines about their class is paladin. Paladin is what you're looking for.
"Druid souls have the best flavor."
- warlock
So many stupid, pointless threads flooding classic forum.
11/14/2018 02:01 PMPosted by Ooga
"Druid souls have the best flavor."
- warlock

"Warlocks are my favorite to Free Action Potion onto."
- druid
I would add, but it wouldn't be as good as the videos you'll find all over Youtube on this exact topic, music included.
11/14/2018 02:09 PMPosted by Desodeleter
So many stupid, pointless threads flooding classic forum.
Copy the thread title into a Youtube search. That's what the thread is basing off of.

That being said, if you must have good content on forums, you require a different kind of Internet.

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