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Wyrmrest Accord
*Edit: We are currently 3/8 Mythic,
Ranked 10th on our server, and looking to make it 4/8 by the end of the week. We are currently in dire need of an experienced MAGE. Hit me up asap if you're interested!

Hey there kiddo, we're Inside Joke and WE WANT YOU!

About Us
We're a late night raiding guild with members mostly based in the US who work at night and want a raid time that suits them. We also accommodate others who are around at our times as long as they are reliable enough to turn up to raid. We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30pm-12am server time! (Our server is on Pacific Time). You can find us on the Wyrmrest Accord server!

Our guild was founded in Legion after breaking off from a more restrictive one. Since then we've been knocking down mythic bosses like it's going out of style. We managed to get to 6/11M before pre-patch despite starting late and having middle-to-end-of-the-tier recruitment issues. We love to have fun and laugh in discord, sometimes teasing others, but never malicious. You won't need very tough skin to fit in, just a decent sense of humor. :) We love M+ and PvP as well.

What We Want
We're looking for raiders with a good sense of personal responsibility, awareness and skill to join/become alternates for our mythic raiding team for BFA. We would like a strong foundation of raiders who will arrive on time to our raids with the necessary materials. We expect to put some real competition out to the other mythic guilds on this server. We are currently 3/8 Mythic

If you think this is for you, and you would like to try out mythic raiding or would like to be a member of the team please contact either myself or one of these other lovely people either on the forums here or on Bnet.

Kaveen#1351 - Co-Raid Leader and Co-GM **
SoapingDuck#1721- Co-Raid Leader and Co-GM **

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have and hopefully we can get you in on the joke!

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