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I've been using an Early mid-2012 macbook pro and played wow since 2015. Now it's 2018, and this computer is ridiculously old. Contrary to what people say, you can still run between the 1-3 settings, providing you don't mind the occasional crash here or there... but I have no idea how long it will last.

I need a new mac. I've been wanting to buy a 2015 model, but they're hard to find now. I'm not pleased on 2016-2018 models with the magsafe removal, keyboard layout (dust is apparently a nightmare to remove from underneath), the forceful use of thunderbolts and a third-party adapter (if I want to use a charger, wireless mouse, and earbuds at once).

I know macs aren't the most viable computer to use for gaming, but I've never run into virus problems. It also feels more user-friendly and fluid.

If anyone has insight, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Would you consider an iMac? The 2017 model is still a powerhouse. You could probably grab a refurb for a hefty discount off of new.
If you're after another laptop there's no real "perfect machine" at the moment. Basically you just have to try and find one with the best GPU you possibly can and that's about as good as you can get. Make sure it at least has an AMD graphics chip as the Intel ones are rubbish for any kind of games.

If you don't mind having a desktop, as Incaely mentioned you can get a decent experience on for example a 2017 iMac with a minor tweak of some settings. You can find a performance guide pinned at the top of the Mac Technical Support forums.

There's also the new Mac Minis now which on their own aren't GPU power houses but have decent CPUs and with an eGPU they would make a pretty decent WoW machine.

Another viable option is using an eGPU on a lower end Macbook. This will increase your GPU power drastically but you will be bound to a desk when using it.
I'm also not 100% sure on wether or not using the inbult laptop screen works properly with eGPUs yet so that's also something to keep in mind.
If he goes the eGPU route he might as well just get a Mac Mini and beef it up since he's going to have to have an external display either way with an eGPU for the foreseeable future (Apple's being dog slow getting internal displays to use the eGPU, if even possible to properly do so at all).

The downside to the mini is that there are no internal drive options other than the SSD that's soldered to the motherboard, so you're going to pay a pretty penny to beef that up. Apple charges insane markups for that.

It's getting harder and harder to recommend any Mac these days simply because either RAM is soldered in or the SSD is soldered in and you can never change them after ordering the machine. Sometimes both are like that. In their quest to make everything super thin, you lose out on upgradeability. That's why so many are pinning their fading hopes on the Mac Pros that are supposed to come out next year.

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