Armor Sets Art Direction

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What is up with art direction for mail armor in this game. Apart from every set looking rediculous, its almost like blizzard is trying to make less people play hunters because the sets look horrible. Some mail sets look good on horde shaman races, but most alliance races especially human hunters in sets look like homeless space janitors who just fell out of a 100 foot tree.

All these new sets look the same. Cloth leather mail and the plates probably going to look just the same with bones hanging off them. Everyone's going to look like a DK or warlock like where's the creative uniqueness of classes here? I think blizzard has totally lost their touch with art direction and making a character class feel unique like it used to before the transmog system.

First bfa sets look like we are all lining up for robot chicken cosplay competition, now we are all going to look like a third grader superglued their dinosaur collection to our forehead. Thanks Blizz!

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