How do I delete my Heart of Azeroth neckpiece?

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10/07/2018 03:59 PMPosted by Kaaha
unlike azerite armor which you literally have to reacquire the trait by further leveling which takes away the playstyle you already had without getting anything in return

I haven't lost a trait upgrading my armor since like week 2.

That's because at this point, my Heart of Azeroth is leveled way beyond Ring 2 of even 385 gear.

AKA : Won't take 2 patches for the Azerite system to "fix itself". It's already pretty moot. And Blizzard is fixing the other issues, like trait balance and acquisition.
*Imagines someone pouting and stomping while furiously mouse-clicking trying to delete HoA*
I got a 340 or so neck from timewalking lol.

People are overreacting so much. Why? This expansion is just fine for me.
me too, but with azerite gear instead. I'll deal with it I guess. :P
10/07/2018 05:06 PMPosted by Melithiria

People are overreacting so much. Why? This expansion is just fine for me.

^^^ This ^^^
10/07/2018 01:00 AMPosted by Skyterrortwo
Doubt you can destroy it, but you can unequip it. Don’t know why you would do it though - it’s practically the only good necklace available this expansion. I don’t see other necklaces around (at 120).

Timewalker, 335. If warforged/titanforged even higher.
10/07/2018 01:34 AMPosted by Razorstorm
10/07/2018 01:20 AMPosted by Kolee
The game will still be here.

Sadly true. I think at this point the next xpac's intro video could be Ion's naked bum breaking wind at the screen for 2 mins straight, and people would still defend it and pay $ for the store mount version.
You can be critical of particular game features, critical of quality control for the number of bugs, and still appreciate all the things Blizz has done well with BfA: art, music, and cinematics teams did brilliant work. Drustvar was one of the best zones Blizz has ever done, imho, and some of the others are really good too. Lots of good work from story and lore teams, with Jaina's character arc and the development of Bwon'samdi as prime examples. The dungeons are diverse, M+ is fun again, and Uldir is a solid first raid. Islands and Warfronts are clearly tuned for the most casual of players atm, but that new AI shows real potential and could be developed for more challenging content down the road.

The azerite system needs work, but they're working on it (new outer ring - first we will unlock on those pieces - will have more interesting more active traits). Similar problems with artifacts and legendaries in Legion were eventually improved. BfA has had way too many bugs, but that's partly because they were so gung ho on release schedule (something they've been criticized over in past). Going forward, let's hope they find happier medium. Maybe a big longer between releases if it means fixing some of this stuff.

BfA has lots of faults, but those of us still paying for it are doing so because we're enjoying ourselves. That said, if you find games you like more, have fun! We don't all watch the same movies either, right? Everyone should spend their entertainment time however is fun for them.
"this expansion sucks!" ....

Keeps paying the sub every month ...

Paying for "trash" only a dumb person would pay for something they hate
Delete your character, it will delete your heart of Azeroth
You can say the expansion is crap you can say its good but the important fact of the matter is YOU HAVE 2 MORE YEARS OF IT ENJOY !
10/07/2018 01:19 AMPosted by Kaaha
10/07/2018 01:12 AMPosted by Inoro
I don't think it can be deleted, but you can bank it, however I've heard that causes it to bug out but I don't know how much of that is true, but hey, if you're that dead set on wanting it out of your life, test it and let us know?
I would, but uhh... already uninstalled the game at this point I feel so dead with this game, back to warframe for me I guess, that and destiny 2, been seeing the changes even without the forsaken dlc and it is a lot better now, might devote more time to it now that this game is gone

go back to one decent f2p and another that is absolute garbage and took a $50 dlc to "fix" you dumped the neck at 14... my alt pally who has been 120 less than a week is at 12 with minimal effort. Sorry if you feel like not putting any effort into anything.
10/07/2018 12:47 AMPosted by Kaaha
I want to heart of azeroth out of my inventory permanently is there a way to destroy it? I don't like it, I hate it, it was a bad idea to begin with. I stuck around for a month in the vague hopes of something being fun but the fun is gone. What happened to the purpose, what happened to loot being usable, at least with artifacts we weren't being told that you had to grind impossible amounts of power just to even use a piece of gear, we just applied the artifact power and put in our traits at the forge on the weapon istelf, I feel demotivated to even play now.

U were ok with the weapons but not necklace??? I really???? I need smash my head against the wall...

You do know it is the same concept???

You get AP, level AP you get traits on your other items.... I believe you hate the rep to get your Azerite neck piece up. I love that part it gives multiple ways and makes it a slight challenge

So far I have played BFA 7 days to 10 days. I noticed raids seem easier and mythic + dungeons got a slightly increased in difficulty.

Loll? I could see how you'd be so frustrated if such a simple concept confuses you so.
The necklace is incredibly boring, it wishes it were the weapon..
BFA has no alternative necklace drops for you to use.
10/07/2018 06:07 AMPosted by Dokkálfar
10/07/2018 01:51 AMPosted by Kaaha
just be careful, been hearing things out of the linux community lately about changes hurting things rather than helping

And bringing anyone using it down with them apparently.

I haven't heard about any of these, so... I dunno
can you stick it in a really crappy starter bag attached to your bank
The only problem I have is the confusing azorite gear. Questing is great, raid is good, pvp is interesting again, etc.
Checked your profile, looks like you got to level cap and barely did any content. You didn’t even do half the dungeons available.

It sounds like you drank the forum/Reddit kool aid and want to be angry, because I really doubt you experienced enough of the game to form a coherent opinion of its systems.

I think there’s other stuff going on here besides video games. Maybe find a professional and talk to them.
10/07/2018 01:07 AMPosted by Kaaha
10/07/2018 01:02 AMPosted by Archona
Don’t think you can

The expac is garbage, Low level posters. Just post on your main. Who cares what anybody else thinks

honestly, I reallly don't care anymore, this is what was selected for posting when I clicked on the forum page, didn't feel like bothering to change it, my 120 is Hornbez-Moonguard btw if you want to have a look, I took my heart of azeroth off, it is level 14, I can't be bothered anymore, if anything posting on the forums I am having more fun with than actually playing the game now, and that is a definite bad sign cause I normally don't go on the forums

I was talking to the other low levels that replied to you. Not you. You’re fine.
10/07/2018 12:47 AMPosted by Kaaha
I want to heart of azeroth out of my inventory permanently is there a way to destroy it?
There is a way, but you're probably not going to be happy with what goes away with the necklace.

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