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Will level boosting/granting a Dwarf or Blood Elf (or other old race) disqualify that character from earning heritage armor in 8.1 (or the future)?
Few weeks ago it was promised dks and locks were being looked into changes for pvp due to Death knights and locks making up basically 1% of the rated ladder past 2k.

Are those changes going in any time soon or are we basically gone this season? It amazes me that these classes are acceptable this way. It would be a bullet in the leg to leave us this way until 8.1 please don't even add lichborne if u are going to make it as bad as u did. What point is there in slow juggernaut if u dont even have the damage or survival to back it up?
There has been a lot of feedback regarding class/spec and issues with performance, whether real or imagined. Would you be willing to give a class/spec breakdown on what needs work and what you're happy with in a post or something? A current Dev thoughts would be cool for all.

2nd q, can we take a break from azerite and focus on the class reworks that need it?
I'm happy with azerite.
With the death of Ranged survival going into Legion, does the dev team feel that making sure the only remaining archer spec in the game is balanced and viable should be a priority?

If so, why did Survival get a complete overhaul one spec after introduction... while Marksman launched in the current broken state?

Many Hunters feel that Marks is being deliberately neglected to make Survival seem like an attractive option, despite very few hunters wanting to play the spec, even in it's new easier second iteration.

The team would never try and push a spec by punishing others, would they?
Question: When are we going to see Green Nature(and no I do not simply mean plants but rather Green Elementals with Leaves flowing off them instead of Fire/Water/Air/Earth/Light/Arcane), Blue Spirit and Ghostly Green Death Elementals!?!
Can you just make pathfinder I let us fly and also make current content pathfinder retroactive all the way to level 60 account wide for those who have a maxed toon. (still let new players buy it at 60 per toon while leveling the first time.
What is with this narrative? At Blizzcon you presented this as a war of mutual resentment and hatred. But neither of those ever take center stage and it feels more like Sylvanas is the only catalyst for anything that happens.
Are Unholy DK's where you want them to be performance wise in pvp and pve?
Do you guys still like the GCD changes, have they had the desired impact on gameplay? Are there any plans to add or remove abilities to the GCD later?
I have quit this game because my class (Death Knight) is the worst class in the game from a PVP perspective in higher rated 3v3 arena.

Do you have any plans to improve the class so it is playable in arenas? It is impossible for a normal high rated player to compete with this class currently.

Edit: I've seen lichborne changes. Those are terrible for pvp. I will remind you that death knights do not bring offheals, mortal wounds, or insane CC like other classes. Not to mention our damage isn't as good as classes with all that additional utility. My alt warrior that I picked up for BFA can queue into 2100 rated 3v3 without me knowing too much about the class, but the DK i've played for 7 years? No one will take except friends alts - i just sit at 1800 on this DK because the next gear increase is 2100, which I will never get in the current meta. No one will play with a DK.
Lightning bolt and Earth shock both feel bad to cast as their visuals are bland and non-exciting.. Lightning bolt lost its visuals from the 7.3 update but never got revisited. Seeing as some classes are getting visual attention in 8.1 is there any work being done with either of these two spells?
Is Explosive Shot going to made into a state that makes it a viable talent choice seeing that it's currently bugging out a large amount of the time (despawns at the first sign of slightly uneven terrain)?
Question: Can we please get a specific time-frame of when Worgen and Goblin Model reworks will be done. It has been several expansions since the promises and we have not gotten any hints.
Will players ever be able to get their hands on those heritage weapons we've been seeing?
The conquest reward system does not feel good since player choice has been taken away. Is this working as intended?

Example: My first conquest reward was a 340 weapon. Awesome! I need that, so I'm going to grind out conquest to cap. Boom, got my weapon and I'm happy.

The next reward is a 355 azerite chest. Okay, well I already have a 355 azerite chest. Now I'm disappointed and not motivated to cap conquest for the week.

This does not feel good. I'd rather have a vendor or a choice of 2-3 rewards instead of just one.
How do you plan to fix the major imbalances in PvP right now with Rogues, Mages, Priests, and druids being too strong because of their ability to constantly cc, and classes without strong cc like WW being too weak to be competitive?

I don't mean to be a nag, or ungrateful in the slightest, but last we heard of any form of 'commitment' towards the Worgens/Goblins getting an update was prior to BfA, stating 8.1 is the goalpost.

Where are we right now on that with the dev team? Is it still something that is desired, or is it a forgotten dream? I for one, know a lot of people who would love to see the models updated. Or better yet, just fix a lot of things (like the above picture) that was released in the -same expansion we're currently in-. Those boots are supposed to be a grand reward in terms of how they look. Shame if you're worgen, because whether you're female or male, those are glitched.

Heck, prievew it on a Tauren, they look fine on the opposite faction, yet they are broken on a race that exists in the Alliance. Blizzard, I understand if you are waiting on the Worgen update for there to be some kind of lore tie in, but we could use an update on if it's even being worked on, or if it's just 'on the table'.

And in case you don't believe me that the Alliance boots work on Tauren:
Are you making any changes to faction balancing in war mode. Right now war mode without being in a raid means you will get camped by roving raids in every zone. Would be nice if PvP war mode raids were only placed on shards with other raids.
Can we get some more insight on the Worgen and Goblin model updates?
GCD changes continue to be very poorly received throughout the community. I understand that you guys are fairly set in stone in what you want, but can we have some sort of compromise? Combat pacing has been rapidly decreasing since MoP. In combination with pruning, this makes playing feel a lot less interesting. Should we expect this to stay the same?

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