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Will Zandalari/Kul Tirans be recruitable in 8.1, or is it still just groundwork?
Question: Any plans to add the BFA inks from inscription to the ink trader? Or new patterns to allow Ultramarine Ink to be used up without the requirement of other inks?
i like the form of island expedition, could you put auto queue on pvp island expedition?
10/08/2018 02:11 PMPosted by Astarôth
Is there any plans to add more ways to obtain "Polished Pet Charms" ? Currently, only a handful of rares and World Quests hand them out.

Related to this question - I would like to know if you intend to make more pets purchasable with pet charms since I have gotten all the pets and toys from alliance side already and will have all of them on the horde side in the next few weeks as well.

I am not having any problems at all getting these myself.
Will you be adding Wintergrasp and Tol Barad to the Epic Battleground list in 8.1?
As a tank, I often feel defenseless against spell damage in high Mythic Keystones. With the shift of (active) mitigation from pure damage reduction to Armor, I often have to rely on my party to stun, silence, or otherwise prevent damage on me. Is it intentional that magic damage is so effective against me (and possibly other tanks), or does this indicate a potential problem with my class / skill / playstyle (and magic damage output is just fine)?
With the addition of a 5th ring in Azerite armor that will include spec specific traits, will we have to farm different pieces for different specs or will the traits automatically change when we respec? Or will we have to reforge it for different specs.
The zones in BFA are arguably the best in the game to date.
What are your plans to keep them relevant outside of just questing through the life of the expac?
You have created a bunch of faction specific gear this expansion which results in servers with a heavy imbalance having an auction like this. Is this intentional and/or will it be corrected so that minor faction can actually use that auction house for gear as well.
Hi Ion and Ion minions,

I want geomancer shaman...modelled after the ogre rock throwing style. It could still be 'elemental' but with traits that complimented one another enough to be geo...

Also, totally aside, I really enjoy the island expeditions. They are miniature zones with neat pet drops and achievements. The vendored buffs are nice. They are really fun - Good Job...

OK Ion minions....enough celebration concerning the glorious islands....get to work on the geomancers...
Are there plans for Pandaren Death Knights or Paladins?
What are the plans (if any) going forward for MM Hunter? (Long post ahead, feel free to just answer this part in general).

The spec is lowest by a significant margin in Mythic raids as well as M+. (,

It is also the least played spec in rated arenas, by far. Less than any dk or warlock spec:

A plethora of feedback has been rolling in since early beta, and not much seems to have changed for the positive, despite that:

I for one, am very displeased with the state of the spec. It feels like the aim was to do with MM kind of what happened to frost mage: give it a very simple base kit with some proc interaction, then add in talented spells to expand and build upon that simple base kit, along with passive talent choices for those who would rather not use extra spells. However, it feels like where spells like glacial spike, ebonbolt, and comet storm have become staples of the frost mage spec, the equivalent shots for MM (explosive and piercing) are missing the mark big time (pun intended). Thus pigeonholing people into taking the passive talents, which exaggerates the problems laid out more eloquently in the above mentioned feedback thread even more.

The situation with PvP is also unfortunate, as mentioned above. Binding and bursting loss of control were removed from the game, and wyvern sting is no longer a talent option. We went from trap + bursting baseline with the option of wyvern or binding from talents, to now just having trap + slows. Because the spec is a squishy, casting oriented hunter spec, it's always had to rely on having a strong CC toolkit to set up windows and stay alive. It seems like now that all of that is gone, there's no real viable win condition where even the other specs have two baseline CC abilities with pet stun and trap. Some of it's other PvP talents are also still obviously designed for the last iteration of MM (ranger's finesse and Trueshot Mastery) and don't really add anything of value to the PvP kit.

A lot of us feel rather stuck here in terms of providing more feedback on the spec. Looking at what people are playing and the feedback being given, it seems to me as if a problem is apparent. However, with nothing coming back from you guys for so long, it's hard to tell where you stand or the direction you intend to take, and thus the direction we need to expect to go with the spec. As a long-time MM player, it's just one of those things I'd like to be aware of so that I'm not constantly trying to decide if I want to reroll until the next rebuild or not.

What plans are there for Marksman hunters? They're performing terribly in every environment currently and yet have recieved no buffs, is there plans to rectify this?
PvP buff
CRZ - difference between west coast and central servers.

This is the auction house in the middle of the day on two servers - one based in Chicago and one based on the west coast - neither are role playing servers.

Why is one not full with people from other servers and the other is ? The world content areas are just the same. Does CRZ in current content and in SW not apply to all normal mode servers.
Can we get a concrete "yes or no" on Zandalari Paladins during BfA?
With the unlocking of Legion LFR to solo players, are you looking to relax the restrictions on loot in Legion raids and make them follow legacy rules?
Will Zandalari Trolls be playable at some point in 8.1?
10/08/2018 10:10 AMPosted by Kazdoth
Please clarify what you said in the 8.1 announcement, will Kul Tirans and Zandalari be unlockable in 8.1 immediately following the raid, or will it be patched in along with the second raid in 8.1.5?

I concur with this, especially considering there's (small) incentive to not race change or boost, so it'd be nice to know when we can get started for progress reasons, etc.

Additionally, will more races get customisation rewards for completing a scenario in the future, a-la night warrior?
Dark Iron NPCs are using unique Heratige Weapons. When will we get those in game?

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