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Is there any kind of change/rework in store for Marksmanship Hunter? The spec is so focused on RNG procs from one non-mobile attack, and has extremely lackluster AoE capability. In an expansion packed to the gills with hostile AoE and large trash pulls/phases, this feels like incredibly clunky design.
When you look at Class Design combined with Azerite the game feels woefully incomplete in that regard. It seems like there was plenty of feedback on these topics during Alpha & Beta. Can you help us understand why classes & azerite have gone live the way they have?
How is that such a well written post with proper class feedback on shadow priests can go 2 weeks without a single blue post.

Only to go a blue post like 5 minutes ago just to extend the thread?

Some communication on shadow priests even if it's "We don't have anything planned yet" is better than the current radio silence.
Are there any plans to revisit Holy Paladin's kit and/or Mastery? They feel very bare-boned compared to most other classes.
A lot of feedback has been given about the current state of holy paladins. Are we going to see some much needed changes in the play style of holy paladins? Mastery changes?

Please don’t gloss over questions about class design this time. A lot of classes have issues right now, and we’ve been waiting for answers since alpha.
Azerite Armor - Still some major issues. Mainly - acquiring AP is now mandatory to keep up with higher ilvl Azerite lvl requirements. Example, this is the first iteration of WoW where I can get the exact same item (Azerite gear) at a higher ilvl and be a dps downgrade (simply because I haven't kept up with earning higher AP levels). Let that sink in - an identical piece of loot with a higher ilvl can be a dps downgrade. This new AP system isn't always a reward - it's also insurance to avoid punishments for upgrade. That system is flawed. Any discussions on changing that?
Hello. There has been a lot of feedback on the ptr about the night warrior scenario. It really doesnt feel like a major “fist pump” moment for the night elves after it was changed. Also. Why cant the forsaken actually lose a conflict/battle?
Also to add. How are valkyr able to raise night elf corpses. Dont night elves become wisps when they die?
1- When will classes be finished? Why people have to wait an entire patch with a broken class and still pay monthly for it??

2- Why not just remove azerite traits and merge them in the neck?

3- Balancing is in the worse state, in pvp especially, with trait stacking. When will it be addressed?

4- Why there is no PVP VIABLE traits ON PVP? Any REAL pvp trait in the future??

5- Where are our promissed utility? Why some classes has buffs and others dont? Why we have to buy buffs if we had it before all pruning?
Why would i invite a lock to a plus if i can have a mage (lust+int. buff)? Why would invite a uhdk if i can have a warrior with the same dps and damage buff?

6- Why is it taking so long to fix class participation in pvp/m+?

ps. It takes hours to find a heals for DK/Locks because both classes are horrible in arenas.
Do you have any plans to re-add Master Loot as an option for guilds and/or any changes to Personal Loot, such as relaxed Trading Restrictions, in Tides of Vengeance?
Will Siege of Boralus and King's Rest receive heroic versions similar to what was done with the Suramar dungeons and the new Karazhan?
With the ability to do mythic plus dungeons as end game content, is there any plans to make high end player rewards. In the same vein as top pvp players?
Shaman tanks?

Or at least some attention to, Enhance Shaman?
Plz comment on the state of the Prot War changes - what are your plans? Why aren't archer "shoots" blockable? Would not buffing spell reflect in some way (mass reflect etc, ) give the prot war that needed utility? Why was our mitigation nerfed so hard? (Shield block uptime, IP nerf, IP on GCD?) Why were so many GCD changes made to tanks in general, and the threat nerf, all combining to tanks having to teach ppl how to control threat again? When tanks are the lowest pop of duties?

Roll back the GCD changes to tanks plz.
Why does scrapping epics return nothing compared to blues and greens?
The BfA storyline still feels like Garrosh 2.0. How much longer do we have to wait to see the differentiation? How significant is the differentiation going to be?
What strides are you taking in 8.1 that addresses Shadow Priest feedback?
Could we not decrease the AP rank required for azerite armor traits, so that we can actually get all 4 traits in a piece, before we get an upgrade?

We play the game cuz we like it, not cuz doing WQ for 253 AP is fun. The AP grind is old news, bad news.
Have you ever considered adding challenge mode sets back to mythic+? Loved the idea of them in MoP and BFA and it'd be nice to get a reason to push keys beyond raider IO.... ;)

Will there be any change in the arbitrary criteria for cross-realm Mythic Uldir? 100 Alliance guilds seems a little daunting atm. No offense to the existing alliance mythc raiding guilds, there's just not enough of them.
Communication between players and developers has improved in some areas but still suffers when it comes to class design, leaving many specs feeling like their issues are ignored. Players shouldn't feel like they need to beg, rage, or unsubscribe just for developer acknowledgment of their issues, yet consistently players who do those things tend to get the most developer attention.

What is being done to improve communications in regards to class design in order to prevent such extremes and create a more constructive and healthy player to developer relationship?

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