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Are there any plans for anymore warrior changes ? At the start of the expansion I enjoyed it, now that it's practically neutered with all the changes and the stripping of abilities we have had since vanilla, it's just kinda lackluster
Can you please make Warcraft 4 already. No one is going to stop playing WoW.
Holy Paladin is currently suffering from a lack of identity. We have situational tools that bolster healing while in close combat, yet it does not always make sense to and we cannot maintain that play style through an encounter. However, healing from afar is also not always optimal and is punished by our mastery.

On top of this, our AoE healing woes, our high mana costs, and long cast times all lend to a healing experience that has not been very enjoyable and can leave us in positions in raids feeling less than effective. The even larger issue is the misconception that we are "the tank healer". This is pretty hilarious because we are not even the best tank healers anymore, which was really the only niche we would have had going for ourselves.

My guild is progressing in Uldir and mythic + dungeons, and I'm finding that I'm getting invited to groups less frequently these days. Consequently, I have less interest in the game over all. I used to think I was a die-hard Holy Paladin fan, and I have been playing this game for many years now, but even I am close to putting my paladin on the shelf.

Question: Are there any plans to review the mastery, play style, strengths, weaknesses of Holy Paladin and make adjustments?
Which classes are you planning on adjusting in 8.1 and for those that dont get addressed in 8.1, when will they? Specifically Marksman Hunters and Prot Warriors.

When will Hunter Pets get their AI fixed with regard to their mob-targeting, pathing, and reactiveness?

Why does the gear reward system feel like a "gacha game"? That is - like a slot machine designed to exploit human mental reward processes? It isnt fun, it makes me feel awful for spwnding both a significant amount of time and also money on a very shallow aspect of the game.

What are you doing to make Island Expeditions more engaging and fun?

What is the future of Warfronts?

Ion, do you plan on hanging out with Jay Wilson any time soon?
TL;DR Are there any plans to address weapon rewards from emissaries and WQs? Many classes only get off-spec rewards, regardless of which spec you play. And of late, it seems like all weapon rewards have dried up.

Ok, longer version... I play Sin rogue on a NA server. There has been a constant stream of fist/ sword/ mace rewards from emissaries and WQs but not one dagger. I have heard similar stories, like hunters getting only spears/ pole arms and pallies only getting 2-handers. I got lucky with drops and have 2 ok daggers, but it seems like this mechanic is broken. I haven't seen a weapon reward in a week or 2, so maybe it's being addressed. But no one would know, because it's never been addressed outside of a cavalier blue post telling us to enjoy gearing up our off-spec.

This system is supposed to be an alternate way to gear up for those who don't have time for or enjoy PvP or raiding or M+. I realize it's not a replacement for those aspects of the game, but for classes like rogue that rely heavily on weapon damage, it's disheartening to see rewards for only 1/3 specs.

Any info you could share would be most welcome!
When you designed G'huun mythic, did you not see that people would try to stack warlocks, or was this part of the design? Everyone i've heard talk about this boss seems to indicate that pulling without at least 2-4 warlocks in the raid is a waste of time
Many of the complaints I see on the druid forums regarding Guardian seem to center around low damage and thus low threat in comparison to other tanking classes and the lack of ability to use our baseline spells without dropping out of bear form.

Are there currently any plans to rectify this situation by increasing our damage output and allowing our affinity and/or baseline spells to be castable in bear form? Other tanks seem to be able to utilize their full toolkits without losing their defenses.
Question: Any plan to bring back experience potions for characters below level 99? There are some floating around the market right now, but are far too expensive for reasonable use.
Why dont Allied races have themed flying mounts, like other races do? Or battle pets? Or cloaks?
Question: I know this issue does not concern majority of the playerbase. But can we get a reasoning as to why my Longboi does not sell water for healers/casters?
QUESTION: Do you have any plans to add a badge/currency system to obtain gear, as there was in Burning Crusade and WoTLK, to help the players feel more in control over their gearing process?

Being able to set a goal for myself and reaching it is crucial for me to feel accomplished in this game.
Will we see the heritage weapons that were data mined make an temperance at all during this patch?
Will you consider allowing Azerite traits to change with specs like set gear abilities did in Legion or is it too late for this system?

It would allow locking in meaningful traits for each spec, but not necessarily eliminating the need for multiple sets depending on encounters.
Question: How do you feel the implementation of only personal loot in raid has been recieved so far in the expansion?

I'm curious to know what you think was flawed with the Master loot system in Draenor/Legion, where it required a majority guild group in order to active it anyway.

P.S: See you at Blizzcon :)!
Any updates on the mobile WoW Companion App?
Question: With over 200 unique drops from Island Expeditions, would you consider giving us a guaranteed new item with the completion of our weekly quest? It would still take us 3+ years to collect them all.
10/08/2018 08:04 PMPosted by Xaedys
Why are checkpoints in dungeons so all or nothing? As an example, Motherload has a checkpoint after every boss, while Underrot has no checkpoints at all.

*psssst* those dgs have short cuts.

I.e. on underrot you can cross the "u" shape right after the first boss if you wipe after clearing the first 3 bosses.
I actually had 2 questions.

1. Would a Raid Chest system much like we see in Destiny 2 ever be considered for WoW?

Ex: Guild Group Clears Normal Uldir - Whole Guild gets 1 piece of Normal Uldir loot from a chest (1 per tier per account not per character) could help with alts and benched players staying relevant.

2. Will we see new mechanics in future raid tiers similar to the reorigination array? I personally like that the gear comes with a special bonus within certain situations, and would love to see this expanded on and carried over.
For those of us that don't raid, is there any other way to get azerite gear other than waiting for our once per week RNG M+ chest or emissaries? When the M+ chest does give me an azerite piece, it's for a slot I don't need. Like I have a 370 chest but the cache gives me another 370 chest when I have 2 340 pieces for my other slots. I don't raid that much anymore and it's frustrating that other challenging forms of content don't give the same gear as raids.
in the current state of the game, with mythic+ requiring so many interrupts, it's a monstrous risk bringing a dps spec that does not have one. It's no longer acceptable for a spec to be missing something so basic as a spell interrupt, when is this going to be addressed for demonology warlocks?

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