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Will the new war front run its cycle in parallel with the current one? So instead of waiting 3-4 weeks for a new cycle, you start a new one every 1-2 weeks?

What azerite neck level will we need to get for azerite gear released in 8.1?
Are there plans for significant class changes? Many casters are severely unhappy with their play feel and performance in both PvE and PvP.
You guys do realize that it doesn't matter what you add to azerite armor, if it's impossible to get the pieces you want (ie, M+ pieces)...

There were azerite traits that were supposively already in game, such as Scourge the Unbeliever and Decimate, but aren't found anywhere on any pieces.

Question: Is there a plan to put these on gear pieces later, or were they just removed and would there be any new traits we could possibly see in the future?

Will there be any way that the re-origination buff in uldir gets a catch-up mechanism? It feels like anyone not raiding each week will fall behind and never catch up, especially people who start raiding part way through the tier.

It's a new type of raid mechanics so there's been a lot of initial confusion about it, so it's likely that many people weren't staying caught up with the quest.
Will we ever get the chance to get the Challenge mode class set's again? That warlock set that is green and gold looks dope.
Dark Iron DKs, and ZTs DKs???? Can this happen, will this happen? Make them have blue fire option on the beards!!!!!!

You can have this amazing beard idea for free!!!

Thank You, Love Bud
In a world where each spec is supposed to have a "strength" that makes them shine in different raid situations, how can you justify specs like Shadow or Elemental who have little/weak unique raid utility, low movement, and low damage when compared to other caster dps.
What situations should make these specs stand out?

Shadow main/Ele Alt [boy do I know how to pick em]

Will we get the second half of pathfinder in 8.1?
Regarding the new Azerite armor ring that will be added in 8.1:
Will these be the current outer traits or new ones?
If they are new, will they be azerite traits that help fill the gap of artifacts, tier sets, and legendaries as promised?
Any update on warlock cast animations? We've been waiting a long time.
Are the announced changes to DK and Warlocks in PvP going to be in 8.1 or will they be in a hotfix prior to that?
In a game where the majority of players play a DPS spec it can often feel like Healers and Tanks are an afterthought. Our feedback tends to get drowned out amongst the DPS and developer focus always feels like it puts the needs of the DPS player first. Everything from gameplay, to meters, to spell effects, is all focused to improve the DPS experience only.

What is being done to make Healing and Tanking an equal role in this game and not just an accessory to the DPS experience?
1. With the current issues on Azerite gearing and your most recent response. Do you have a timeline to provide such solutions? (Especially Azerite availability issue, which makes it extremely painful each passing week when some people don't even get an upgrade from any source).
2.What downsides do you see in providing 370 Azerite pieces from +10 dungeons? It's already challenging content ( so it's not free loot) and that again mitigates the rng further.
Any plans for servers located on Brazil or Latin America?
What are your plans for balancing tanks? Prot Warrior and Guardian Druid need a rework as they are missing key tools in their toolkit. Prot is paper against physical ranged attacks and when their Shield Block is on CD, and Guardian is a sitting duck with no snare and terrible mobility in M+.
3. Any concrete plans to make island objectives more varied? Current structure is just aoe and mine your way to the finish.

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