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Are you going to tell us who the closing ceremony performer at Blizzcon will be today?
10/09/2018 08:07 AMPosted by Manarri
- Will you be looking at Frost’s last tier of talents? BoS is too far ahead, and the other options need a buff to be competitive. Icecap in particular could use a rework, as it is very bland and uninteractive for a top tier talent.

Quoted this from an earlier post because as a Frost DK I also feel like BoS is way too far ahead. I have no options in this tier of talents. I also feel that while the rotation is slower it has too many small DPS peaks any a few overly long deep canyons but overall they do tend to balance out if played correctly and fight mechanics don't ruin the peaks. When they do it is difficult to recover and be competitive.
10/10/2018 06:03 AMPosted by Triviacow

Are you going to tell us who the closing ceremony performer at Blizzcon will be today?

Probably the main reason for the Q&A. Not to actually inform us of any new game info that hasn't already been datamined or that they don't plan to hold off to share until Blizz-con.

I mean last Q&A till then. Am I right?
Here's my question:

There is a clear shift to more people playing Horde. RealmPOP puts it at 55/45 Horde to Alliance. Warmode is a fail as Alliance players are turning it off.

Given the better racials, better Allied Races (cause you actually gave Horde some decent ones whereas Alliance got space goats with Tattoos and purple emo elves that are a slap in the face to people who wanted High Elves), and that the storytelling in this expansion clearly favors Horde, what are you doing to do to galvanize new players to join the Alliance or current Alliance players to actually stay with Alliance?
will we get zandalari paladins?
When does the next expansion come out?
How long do I need to stop playing before I can log in and actually enjoy playing WoW again? All this crap you keep changing or trying to add just keeps making the game worse.
Have you ever considered giving a healing pet to a healer class?
What quality of life improvements can we expect in 8.1?
There's been a lot of complaints about lack of agency - especially as the narrative forces us to make decisions that we feel go against our philosophy that we'd like our characters to follow. We understand Blizzard has a direction they're taking this, but as someone else pointed out, "We're not characters in a dynamic world that get to make choices. We're merely actors in a scripted play." Personally, I wouldn't mind if the choices didn't make much of a difference in the story arc, but at least we feel we have the illusion of choice. For example, with Saurfang... some Horde don't want to help him. It would be nice if those players had a choice to do something differently, even if the end result is the same.
Buying back rings on Heroic/Mythic upgrades to identical normal gear feels incredibly bad.

It further exacerbates the issue of higher ilvl gear not being an equippable upgrade immediately. Having secondary stats on the azerite pieces would also greatly reduce this dilemma, especially for specs with more potent traits.

Would it make more sense for the rings to unlock as your Heart of Azeroth grows through the Champion of Azeroth rep?
Friendly/Honored/Revered/Exalted for the 4 rings seems like a perfect match...

In this case Azerite would be spent to learn new traits from gear as you acquire it (like the old glyph system). This would make new azerite gear always interesting to get, rather than a disappointment when it doesn't possess your bis traits.

The potency of traits would scale with the level of your HoA rather than the gear ilvl (with caps for each raid tier) to encourage people to gather Azerite but not punish those who play less.

Under this system you would always have the rings open once you unlocked them, players would have more control over azerite traits and creative combinations of them, higher level gear would always be an upgrade, players wouldn't need to bank every piece they find in case a trait is buffed/nerfed or becomes useful later, and players with bad luck gearing could still increase the power of their traits by collecting azerite.

I also support traits being unique-equipped (not stackable) to encourage a broader selection.

As long as one trait is strongest for x difficult situation, going 3/3 in that trait will always yield the best average result.
This eliminates player choices.

Trait stacking on abilities that are spec strengths (like Sudden Onset increasing Affliction multidot) only lend towards spec stacking for content...which is the same as other spec exclusion.
These trends from bleeeding edge content trickle through pug levels.
Your best theoretical chance of victory will always stem from building the strongest theoretical starting team.
When are you going to quit forcing Pathfinder on obsolete material; failing that, please show us all how WoD and Legion are still current, since that seems to be the justification for forcing this unwanted and unasked-for feature on us.
Question: What do the Blizzard story writers have against Night Elves and are there any plans to stop kicking us around and shredding our lore?

All the races who've been ignored for xpac after xpac, I want to warn them not to ask for attention because dear lord, if this is what you do...?! After the excitement I felt at the possibility of getting some really good Kaldorei story this time around, this...insult is a boot to the chest. I mean it's like someone's paying you to drive Night Elf players and roleplayers away from the game. You're finally focusing on our story just so it can be a punching bag for the Horde? We lose--everything...and just-- Seriously, Nathanos stuns a literal GODDESS so that the Horde can win again?!

I feel like Charlie Brown and the football. Legion looked like we'd get some great Night Elf story, but it was really Nightborne story and they went with the Horde in the end anyway. In BfA I thought hey, they're going to burn our tree, they must remember when they had Grom Hellscream say "These women fight with unmatched savagery! I've never seen their equal. They are... perfect warriors."

Perfect. Warriors. The Horde warchief, the orc who spawned Garrosh Hellscream, called us perfect warriors, but Blizzard keeps portraying us as ineffectual victims of unstoppable Horde aggression. Saurfang stabs Malfurion in the back while the player character just watches, we lose Darkshore, Tyrande looks like she abandons her people unless you read the story which most people (sadly) don't, you add a freakin' count of people we fail to save from burning to death --which let me tell you, that...that hurt IRL (and to anyone who says "it's just a game" I'll remind you that the whole point of a story is to make you feel things so if you're not feeling anything, maybe you're the one with the problem), Delaryn and Sira and all these fierce Kaldorei warriors are raised as undead and instantly betray the people they were fighting so desperately to save, and we're off in Kul'Tiras helping humans fight witches. Our mission board sometimes lets us send someone else to fight in Ashenvale or Darkshore for us, but it is...that is so freakin' insufficient I just can't even with this.

Are you going to turn the Night Elf story around and portray us, in game, as the savage "perfect warriors" Grom Hellscream called us? Or should I just resign myself to either ignoring everything you people do so I can roleplay in a world where my character's race hasn't been utterly destroyed by writers who hate us. or quitting the game and abandoning my beloved guild? Because I really don't want to quit the game.

But this is becoming the OPPOSITE OF FUN.

So yeah, count me on board with the others in this thread who are sick of this, and desperately hoping you're going to fix it.
1-Are we going to be getting the exact same world quests over and over till the end of BfA, or are there plans to actually mix it up?
It's already hard enough to find the motivation to go collect azerite from elementals in annoyingly far places without it needing to do it 5 times a day. It would be nice to have some diversity in the quests instead of the exact same one's over and over. With how similar BfA's WQ already feel to Legion's WQ I hope there are plans to add more diversity to the WQ system or completely scrap it next expansion.

I think items still need to scale beyond 340 for non Emissary cache items. Some of those world quest trinkets are interesting but hoping on a war/titan forge is a bad feeling I think for people 370+ the world quest item rewards could at least be 350....
I do feel the recent scaling buff to az gear from emissary caches will help get more 370 Az items in general but I think at least the emissary cache rewards/items that are non-azerite gear could follow suit and be buffed. ( ex: todays cache has a 340 pair of bracers )

2-What's the word on the many bugs/issues with transmog items since BfA pre-patch hit. I know many monk and other classes have been putting in bug reports/suggestions daily and nothing has been mentioned. A lot of these things were mentioned in BETA before too. You had some cool clipping effects that were also "fixed" too. Stuff lots of people wish could have been kept. ( certain pants items clipped through robes/etc and would look like 3D accessories ) Could we maybe get an official word on why this stuff was changed because when I asked a GM they didnt see any information about it on their end.

3-Trinkets. Why are they so bland and horrible this time around? It feels like you are aiming to prune trinket slots entirely at this point with how depressing most of them are for healers. Can we maybe try removing the int and creating interesting/balanced effects+adding more secondary stats to them? With the loss of secondary stats on 3 item slots ( for az gear ) this could be a good thing. Or just add stat sticks because as it stands the on use/proc effects are underwhelming and trinkets are boring when you just take them for int, us healers also hate procs and with how many extra procs exist on the Azerite gear more is just frustrating even with trackers.
3-b: I see you are upgrading the alchemist stone. Thank you for that. Is the same planned for the darkmoon decks?
3-c: Are there plans to add more trinkets in general for each spec? The low amt of healer trinkets in raids and in general is making it very hard to actually get them. Especially when every healer is in the same spot and cant trade extras. So far I havent gotten any trinkets from world bosses, any h/n normal boss, or spamming the 1-2 dungeons that have useful trinkets. After using the same 2 trinkets I bought with gold ( Ley/Tides ) I finally got the trinket I was farming for weeks in the m+ cache. Which kinda was more or less a terrible feeling but Ill take anything at this point due to how bad RNG is for them in raids/m+.

4- Rings: Can we get int back on rings now that you have nerfed secondary stats to the ground? Im not sure why but I really hate rings right now. Can we maybe also see more tertiary stats ( leech,avoid,speed ) on rings, or sockets being more common or rings always have one socket? Im not asking for titanforging per se but I think rings are more frustrating than they need to be and it could be due to the main stat/secondary stat changes that happened in legion and then again in bfa. It just sucks getting a lower ring with leech and a socket and it craps on all your 10-15 ilvl higher rings.
This could just be a spec thing too but it would be nice to have a wider pool of rings to chose from with more stat combinations. People still use lower ilvl rings to make up for missing/nerfed secondary stats and it feels horrible when you get a higher ilvl ring that has bad stats for your class/spec/gearsets but cant do much with it. What's worse is you cant even trade it to someone who benefits much more from that stat combo or whatever.

5- Can we please get reforging back? It would be the answer to my #4 question and possibly help with trinkets. You seem to be pulling back from the previous design philosophy of not wanting people to have to do a bunch of stuff before using an item upgrade. So maybe, just maybe, you can bring back reforging of secondary stats on the few pieces that do still have secondary stats. Even if you just allow ring reforging it would be a HUGE benefit and allow the player some more control/protection for what the end result of RNG was.

6: Why is the alliance in Uldir? I get it, someone needs to clean up the zandalari+horde's mess but it almost feels like you had planned to start BfA with dual faction raids like what will happen in 8.1. Was that pushed back? Did you plan to focus on horde and go into alliance specific raid stories somewhat in a rotating style? Even if I missed a few side quests here or there we literally get no explanation as to why WE ( the alliance ) are there. Most of our storyline with witches etc also disappears the moment you go to the troll islands and is a meh way to end what was probably the best part of the alliance's BFA questing experience. I get you will be doing more with that story going forward but the huge lul is what feels weird. Like a tv show or movie cutting back and forth between 2 people doing 2 different things but it taking too long to get back to the first story arc.

7-Do you hate resto shaman now? Will healer balance be as decent as it was in Legion? Seriously.....I literally got lucky this expansion and chose a very well balanced class (monk) before BfA pre patch hit but I still feel for my resto shaman bros as I used to main one first every expansion before finding out how fun monk is. I am only hearing horror stories in m+ and in raids their cooldowns dont seem as life saving when the raid is in the red as it used to be. I really think you need to consider making echoes, earthshield, AND ancestral guidance baseline and also bring back ancestral guidance. Constant number tweaking just feels bad and I honestly am sad to see my resto bro's so frustrated with absolutely no feedback or comments on these real issues. R-Sham is suffering from way too many abilities pruned over the years and for some reason still has certain limitations imposed on it making it even more frustrating for people. ( better on stacked/constantly low health situations, poor tank coverage in m+ )

8-Will the recent changes in the company regarding the dev team/shifting people around affect wow? Even if this is mostly tinfoil hatting it would be cool if there was a post re-assuring people it wouldnt affect the game. If it does a simple explanation on why/how would be cool but I think alot of people just want to be re-assured it is something that is being thought of. If this was posted on your twitter only can you please also make such things easy to see here on the forums/wow site. ( small updates would be perfect under the "news" or home areas )

9- Can you maybe release more healer related info in future notes/Q&A and other small information releases? For example there are new traits coming out you guys talked about in the 8.1 panel thing but you mostly ( if not only ) posted some of the dps ones as a pewview. This is kinda just a minor communication thing but it would be cool to see that kind of stuff when you talk about upcoming features or new traits/etc. It's usually just previews of a few dps/tank things and rarely any healer related stuff to "preview".

10- Where did the amazing tier sets go? For this I am mostly talking about the nice animations/designs for each class' set in old raids......although sets bonuses being gone feels bad in it's own way I think the huge loss in design variety for raid sets is a step in the wrong direction development wise. People like to mog and they like diverse gear with color variants. 4 sets, one for each armor type, is very disappointing compared to previous expansion's set for each spec of each class. There is also a huge issue with color's being slightly off, is there a way to maybe use existing colors/color shades that are in game right now? Possibly even older colors? This would make matching different/custom gear sets much more convenient for people who enjoy that. It sucks getting close perfect custom mogs only to have that slight color difference on one item kill it completely.

11-Will the Artifact weapon trait's animations be brought over to the classes? Stuff like seeing Yu-Lon when I hit revival was just amazing, and those tiny pools of mists from Sheilune ( although I hated the spell it was fun to see mists pooling around the raid. ) These animations must still exist, no?

12-Transmog runs. Can we maybe add some kind of transmog currency/token that lets us buy items through the collections tab? Maybe restrict the use of this currency/token to certain items such as: BoP trash items that are hell to farm from (mostly mythic) raids, old world boss items, old raid items from bosses, and most BoP items.
Obviously things like collector/challenge reward items, quest items, most (if not all) pvp items, and current expansion items would not be purchasable in this way. The intention isnt to break BoE farming for gold making or remove the uniqueness of pvp/challenge stuff but to offset needing to run an old raid for weeks/months, hell Im still farming some Legion BoP trash drops since Nighthold came out.... So I think allowing certain items to be bought like that wouldnt hurt as long as you add a currency that cant be abused ( only get so many a week, or can only "buy" one item a week/month ) and/or you restrict it to items like I mentioned.
Could you talk about your philosophy on class/spec balance in M+?

Specifically, do you feel every spec should be a viable candidate for competitive keys? Or are you ok with there being clear cut front runners for the competitive ranks? (So long as everyone can push the standard keys)

If you feel every spec should be viable for competitive keys, what steps are you taking to make that happen?
For allied races, will we see more as time goes on? I personally, (along with a few guildies) would love to see the dragonflights as an allied race
Do you guys have any plans to address the current tank imbalance? Death knights are the far and away best tank for high level mythic plus, and are also the most popular tank in raids.

I would watch the MDI if there were actually diverse team comps instead of the same tank spec on every team.
Are there any plans to address Guardian druid issues for 8.1?

Many feel the spec was in dire need of attention going into bfa, due to its base kit being rather limited and it is often referred to as extremely boring. However no changes were made for bfa and with the removal of the artifact, Guardian feels like a spec stuck at level 40.
Any planned updates to elementals visuals for 8.1? Lightning bolt and earth shock still feel disappointing to cast.
Are you considering future allied races from among races that aren't reskins of existing ones?

The Hozen, Jinyu and Aarakocra (including the fallen version) as more unique examples.

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