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Will player/guild housing be added this expansion? Are there any plans to add it into the game at all?
The rewards in BfA feel really bad. Doing the same things we did in Legion for 10% of what we used to get feels bad. Are we going to see a return to the Legion formula of world quest emissaries giving us gold and resources? The Legion amounts of rep? The Legion follower missions that gave us an actual amount of gold?
Any chances of classes that had major overhauls in legion going back to their previous playstyle? I've felt alienated to my main ever since because it doesn't play anywhere near the playstyle i fell in love with.
Has the team considered any cosmetic rewards from mythic+ seasons, similar to pvp seasons? Currently the only reward of doing high m+ is a third-party rating calculated by Mythic+ could be the competitive pve equivalent of arenas, with cosmetic rewards based on your overall seasonal rating.
Can you add a Noon Salmon to the BfA fishing regions? Once caught & consumed it gives a 10 min buff that reduces mats required for feast creation by 50%.
Potions and flasks have been incredibly expensive this expansion due to the high amount of mats it takes to create them. To have enough for our raids, M+ we need to farm thousands of herbs per week, dedicating hours of playtime gathering instead of enjoying other content. Is there a reason this way done and is there any plan to lower the materials required moving forward?
Has the current community feedback on RNG in the game with gearing and loot been eye opening or will things be staying the same? Is the team ever going to bring back things like Badge/Justice point vendors?
Currently professions seem wildly unbalanced. Some provide essential raid or dungeon materials while others, like blacksmithing for instance, don't even provide relevant BoE gear. Are there any plans to balance professions so that they are all economically viable and provide some game-essential perks?
Ilvl seems to dictate so much of the in-game experience. We look to it as a basis for our progress and it is a determining factor in who gets into pug raids and mythic+ runs. Yet gear at higher ilvl does not guarantee an upgrade. My question is, why not just do away with ilvl completely and just allow the stats on gear to speak for themselves? Why try to tailor gear to an arbitrary number that provides no real weight in the game?
Death knight downtime?
Can we have more skills like we were before the prunning? Classes just feel empty and boring, the same thing apply for professions.
Can you address the mentality of moving progression in WoW away from player freedom and penning then into these linear gearing paths? It feels like the developers are actively stifling player freedom by trying to control rewards and pacing, which discourages players and puts more responsibility on the developer team.

For example: PvP rewards. Why have the developers chosen to lock the gearing path and rewards? Why did they choose to go away from the token/currency system? By actively removing player choice, the developers are now on the hook for how the player experiences the game. Instead of giving the players a set of guidelines and a sandbox to play in, they’re being pushed towards a sandbox that’s only for building sandcastles and then strictly told how to play in it.

1) What are the plans for the DK PvP changes that were discussed as coming soon about a month ago?

2) Are there any plans to further clarify how gear scaling works in PvP? I literally have no way to tell if a new piece of gear is an upgrade or downgrade for PvP. Literally.
First today is my birthday, yay me! Second, is it possible to tune personal loot so that you can trade gear if it's no more than 15 ilvls higher than what you have? In a lot of cases, due to stats on gear, or having the traits that that are not optimal on AA, it's a down or side grade that may be a very good upgrade for another person. If 15 is too much, maybe a 5 ilvl leeway then?
Will Zandalari Trolls be able to be Paladins?
The high cost of reforging is preventing players from playing other specs or swapping between pve and pvp effectively, particularly with the slow, rng acquisition of 370+ azerite. Does blizzard still stand by the uncapped reforging cost even though its forcing players to make choices on which content/specs they are most effective at, surely you want players to feel like they are making the most of their characters no matter what content they are doing
Will there be some form of profession balance?

Scribe here, drowning in Ultramarine Ink and Sanguicell and really starving in Crimsom Ink and Expulsom.
About lore:

You guys have said that Sylvanas wouldn't be a Garrosh 2.0, yet, seeing her actions in the 8.1 PTR, on Saurfang's quest, it seems that all is leading up to the same old story from MoP. I as a forsaken player, love Sylvanas as a character and leader, I don't want to se her killed off.

On Darkshore warfront and quests:
The lore for alliance is pretty weak and contradictory, what it would have to be a victory, it looks like defeat and more humiliation for the Kaldorei. I've already moved most of my characters to the Horde, and seeing these quests, I'm almost moving the other 2 left in alliance. There's no more pride or motivation to play as alliance. Neither as horde too, 'cause we're are always painted as the bad guys, the ones doing despicable things and so on. Lorewise this expansion plots fells too weak.
When will it be fun to play WoW?
Do you see the direct correlation between low mobility 'turret' designed specs like Elemental, Destruction, Demonology, etc. and their low representation in pve and pvp?

If a turret spec is designed perfectly, would the damage output and survivability be better than a fully mobile one?
If not, what advantages or strengths does a turret have over a mobile spec?

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