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QUESTION: Why aren't Alliance High Elves in the game yet?

The Alliance's High Elves are the hottest and most consistently talked-about topic within every Warcraft community. High Elves continue to be added as NPCs. When will we be able to play the Alliance's High Elves?

Current High Elf megathread:
Will Zandalari Trolls be playable sometime during 8.1?
Question How is azerite expected to make up for the loss of legendaries, and artifacts? I think it would help some people understand what were working towards if you could show us a piece of azerite gear aimed towards the end of the expansion.
Has the development of Classic servers given you guys any ideas about the direction of the current game? ie: "hey, players really enjoy this feature, maybe we should re-add it to live?"
Do you think that looking at how the azerite system has panned out, stacking azerite traits should still be something people aim to do? In arenas, I was hit by a drain life very shortly after the start of the match by a warlock with 3x Inevitable Demise for 36k per tick. It seems like making each trait do something good / unique, but disabling trait stacking would be a more interesting way of making the system work while also reducing the disappointment a player has when they get a good pace of armor that doesn't have another copy of their bis trait on it.
Warfront armor is some of the coolest BFA has given us, but completing an entire set feels like it takes too long, considering how identical each Arathi battle feels. Are there any plans to make the acquisition of a full Warfront armor set a little easier - either by targeting specific pieces somehow, or by introducing more variability between battles?
Will engineering get Blingtron 7000 anytime soon?
How does Blizzard feel about tank balance in raid versus high mythic plus?
Will blizzard ever stop writing night elves as trash?
Are there any plans to tone down the level of RNG that exists in gear acquisition? Lack of vendors, warforge/titanforge/sockets, and azerite traits have led to the amount of RNG in BFA becoming unbearable.
Why does this game feel more like the end game of Warlords of Draenor than Legion? The former was inferior to the latter by leaps and bounds. This expansion was fun to level through the first time and pushing alts through is also enjoyable, but I'm finding the Azerite gear to be completely lacking in terms of making your character stronger. Having traits based on RNG is more harmful than helpful. At least with previous expansions, you knew what gear that optimizes your character could be farmed and it gave you a place to focus your efforts.

Here, there seems to be no focus. RNG for gear is terrible and frustrating. The game should be fun (you all want us to have fun, right?), not moments of frustration when an apparent upgrade turns out to be utter garbage.

I don't expect this question to be addressed, since the only questions I've seen get fielded are the fluffy ones or the ones that are considered 'safe' to answer.
There seems to be a staggering number of items that can drop from Island Expeditions, and after completing close to 50 expeditions on Mythic difficulty, I am nowhere near even making a dent in this collection. Does the reward system account for higher difficulties and winning vs. losing (i.e. should I just be spamming Normal expeditions if I want collectibles?)?
Why hasn't there been a single word about what's happening to Shadow Priests in 8.1? Can you provide information about the direction the team is going?
The current PVP meta of everybody having tons of self heal plus insane burst dmg/healing controlling the flow of battle has left "rot" classes in the dust. Unholy DKs and Aff locks feel useless. Any plans to address?
Have the Zandalari finally fallen as far as they are going to? Will 8.1 mark the end of their humiliation, and by extension, the Horde's humiliation for failing to meaningfully aid them?

Will we see any instances of Horde-aligned Zandalari displaying the kind of feats that were described in Shadows of the Horde?

Do you have plans for Dazar, or is he going to sit in time-out under King's Rest forever?

With Rezan probably off the table, do you consider any of the other loa compatible with paladin/prelate themes? Kragwa's focus on protection, Akunda's on balancing dichotomous urges (wrath and compassion- both forms of connection and therefore foci for Holy power), or Eraka no Kimbul's focus on honor and wisdom?

Does the writing team recognize the distinction between an Alliance loss and a Horde victory, or vice versa? Many of the zero-sum narrative beats in this expansion, that seem to have been intended as a victory for one side, largely consist of the intended victor accomplishing something they little connection to, while the intended victim loses something that means a great deal to them. I think this misunderstanding is at the root of the belief on the part of some players that the writers are biased on behalf of the other faction- they're writing poignant defeats, but uninspiring victories.
Why do the Alliance have more customization options for their Allied races, while Horde don't?
where are the glowing arcane parts of Nightborne? more hairstyles? skins?
Are there any plans to make more abilities baseline and change talent trees? I feel Legion to BFA was a perfect opportunity to create new talents or replace unpopular ones with legion legendary effects.
There seems to be an idea floating around that M+ is a system that exists separated from the Raiding system. Even as a semi-casual member of a guild progressing on Heroic, mythic plus is not optional. In fact, as an affliction warlock my BiS comes almost exclusively from M+ in terms of stats if it weren't for last minute tuning on traits my BiS traits would have come from M+. What plans exist to legitimately separate the rewards from M+ and Raiding?
Question: In regards to Azerite feeling like the traits are on the simpler side, do you all feel this is just a symptom of the first tier's Azerite being simple to save cooler traits for future patches? Example: Spec specific cooldown Reductions, ability alterations, or new abilities entirely?
Raid trinkets in Uldir have been terrible in comparison to other trinkets outside of the raid, with no changes. Can we expect better tuning in 8.1, or do we need to keep hoping for higher titanforge trinkets from Mythic+ or world quests?

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