MoP > BC > Legion > Cata > Wrath > BfA > WoD

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How some people can say that bfa is worst than cata? How!
At least WoD took until HFC to become stale. BFA managed that feat in the first six weeks.
For expansions:


Vanilla>All for the nostalgia of people running away from Shadow Priests
Cata > MoP > Legion > BC > Wrath > BfA > WoD

(note: I started a few weeks before cata was released)

Cata is first for me because it was my first expansion and I have very wonderful memories of it :D. Legion and BC are up because of Illidan...what I really like Illidan! Wrath is down due to the fact I have no memory of my experiences :S MOP is high on the list due to the way flying was and the fact you could get rep tokens to help out alts. Plus the pandas remind me of my dad >,>

It's too early for BfA for me at least.

Quick explanation.

-Didn't play in Cata.
-To me classes are the biggest part of an RPG and BFA missed the mark completely. Plus RNG on top of RNG and time-gating. Bleh.
-Didn't have my own acc in Vanilla, but played on teachers accounts.
-Per WoD, it's higher because unlike others I had replayable content in arena. Classes in WoD were than what we have in BFA, hands down.
-Legion. Had a blast raiding and my PvP partners from WoD came back to play in the last patch.
-MoP. Classes were insanely fun. This was probably the first time I level'd every class just to try them out at max level. I didn't mind the Asian theme cuz I got da small eye.
-Wrath & BC are so close together. Those were the last times where I felt like I was fully emerged into the World of Warcraft. The game wasn't a theme park back then.
BC > MoP > WoD > Cata > Legion > WotLK

Not ranking BfA yet.
I never played WoD so here is my list:

BC > Wrath >= MoP >> Cata >Legion >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hot Garbage >>>>>>>>>>> BfA
Wrath > MOP > WOD > TBC > Cata

Too soon for me to give a rating to BFA
Didn’t play until Cata, so everything prior is excluded.

MoP > Cata > WoD > Legion > BFA.

First started playing at the end of Firelands, with Dragon Soul already confirmed and in testing. This was before changes so stuff like server mattered. I joined one my cousin played on and it was a medium population. I made some friends I still talk to this day. Gone are those days so I rate it highly due to nostalgia.

MoP was my peak of play.
Tier 14 I joined my first raiding guild, earned my first AoTC, but we eventually disbanded when our RL quit and I moved servers to continue raiding.

Tier 15 I mainly Pugged until I had enough experience to join a Heroic Guild. Was with them until I would quit.

Tier 16 I joined a second guild on this Priest to also raid on weekends. I was raiding Heroic SoO 20 hours a week and earned my first Cutting Edge. My second guild eventually fell apart.

I didn’t really hate WoD. Yes it was Raid or die, but I raided, so it was okay for me.
Tier 17 I changed mains and earned my second Cutting Edge in Highmaul, although we fell flat and didn’t get Blackhand as we got walled by Mythic Iron Maidens.

Tier 18 I burned out very early into progression and quit when my guild about a third into Mythic HFC.

I attempted to come back about a month into Legion but didn’t renew my sub after that month, was disappointed with features like AP and AK and class changes for most healers.
I came back during 7.3 when things improved but this began my casual experience that I once did in Cata.

BFA I really enjoyed the changes to Mistweaver and joined a guild to raid Uldir, however I burned out very quickly attempting to do all the World Quests daily for Rep and AP and potential Titanforges. Uldir was amazing, but I quit after our first raid night, as it wasn’t worth the stress to upkeep my character that I didn’t need to do in previous expansions like MoP and WoD.
Wrath > Legion > MoP > BFA > Cata > WoD

I don't count Classic or TBC because I wasn't here for either.

10/11/2018 01:10 PMPosted by Kazrael
How some people can say that bfa is worst than cata? How!

Cata wasn't bad, it just decided not to end properly, so it left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.
Vanilla > All
Wrath > Legion > BC > WoD > BfA > Cata

MoP ...didnt play after rage quitting in cata

- Ashran was a neverending PVP instance that I spent countless hours. It ironically fits the BFA faction war concept better than Warfront yet was removed with BFA.
- Warfronts have very little replayabilty for what little time they're actually available and offer no real challenge
- Building my Garrison for my faction also provided considerably more hours /played, entertaining things to do, and faction pride vs the limp noodle rep grind that was the bfa war campaign

BFA feels like beta ideas that they scrapped before improving on it in almost every way with Legion
Cata>= MoP > Wrath > Vanilla > TBC > BFA >= Legion >= WoD

-I know a lot of people hate on cata but for me it wasn't the content, I made a lot of awesome friends during that time and I changed as person because of those people. I also had a lot of fun with those people.
-TBC is the most over rated expansion where it brought in the destruction of AV and brought it the disgusting elitism known as arenas. PVP was probably the worst I have ever seen it with unkillable god druids.
-WoD drove me to insane levels of boredom, Legion caused me to quit out frustration with the devs and go to another mmo for a year, BFA is starting to look the same or similar enough to legion. I would put the blame on Ion as he is the head dev but there is just something really of wack with the entire team at this point with three awful expansions in a row(minus the art, music and story department as usual.)

BfA is unranked until patch 9.0, because a lot changes in a single patch. Things could get way better or way worse.

As for my list as is, I started in Classic and really, REALLY enjoyed my time even though I was very young. In BC, I don't like how Paladins and Shamans were made to be available to both factions, and I was not digging the whole Blood Elf/Draenei vibe or Outland either, for that matter.

Wrath however, was different. I loved Northrend and the entire Scourge theme. The Lich King was an A+ villain and I've yet to see Blizzard ascend to that level of character development, writing and pacing since. Death Knights were pretty fun if not OP, but I main a DK today because it feels like to class I was meant to play.

Cataclysm was a very mixed bag for me. On one hand, we got Goblins. On the other, Blizzard disturbed the flow of the 1-85 questing experience with a boost in XP rates, fresh content 1-60 and then suddenly 60-80 is all old stuff. It was super disorienting and I was not a fan at all.

Now, MoP was something special because I had wanted Monks in the game since Wrath and Pandaren, while many considered them a joke at the time were actually very well thought out and I maintain that as of now it's the best expansion this group of modern WoW devs have put out, and definitely the best xpack since Wrath.

WoD was weird, because the Questing was great but once you hit 100 there was so much cut content, so there was so little to do. But I did enjoy the 'What-If' scenario. Garrisons and Mission tables? Not so much! It felt a lot of the time like a tie-in for the Warcraft movie that actually had very little to do with the plot of the Warcraft movie.

Legion was a big step up IMO because we not only got Demon Hunters, but Blizzard was really bringing their A-Game in general there and they knew they pretty much had to after WoD. I liked Artifact weapons more-so than Azerite, so if that says something about where BfA will rank...But I digress! I thought the story of Legion was nice and the zones were really cool and varied.

If I had to rank BfA now? It'd be tough first of all, but I think I'd place it between BC and WoD. Questing was awesome and I like how World Quests carried over as a mechanic, but mission tables and underwhelming warfronts make me doubt whether my sub will remain through the whole expansion. I won't quit, but BfA in a word for me is underwhelming; another being lukewarm.

I don't think Blizz has ever made an expansion so terrible that I hated it and didn't want to log in, but slogging through Rep grinds and Achievements to unlock something you used to just buy with gold (Flying, wink wink.) is super frustrating for new players and people who take breaks from the game.

Anyway, my two copper.
Strictly PvP listing.

Mop(class design)>wod(gearing)>all old expansion (blur together)>legion/bfa (post prune and gearing)

Pve (pretty limited)
Tbc (awesome raiding where you felt like you were progressing slowly. No mythics in first 5 weeks)>legion (mythic + was a strength going forward)>the rest
Mists > Cata > BfA > Legion > TBC > WoD > Wrath
MoP > Wrath > BC > Legion > Cata > BFA > WOD
BFA > Cata > Wrath > BC > Vanilla > WOD > MoP > Legion

This is based largely off of my personal bias... So the quality of the xpac might not be reflected in my list.

Legion and Cata are the only two times I actually unsubbed. I did stop playing WoD but I would actually pop in occasionally to say hey to the guild and stuff.

BC will always be my favorite

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