5/8 N LF Raiders - Semi-Casual Group

Guild Recruitment
Raid Times:

Academie: Wednesday/Thursday 9:30pm - 12pm EST

Shandris- PvE (US)

Loot System:
Personal Loot

About Us:
<Academie> is a guild that has been around since 11/1/08. Many of us are real life friends and folks that have played long enough together to get more real life friends. A good part of us are ex progression raiders that either took a step back or life got to real. And the other part are real friends or friends found along the way looking to get into the raid game. We play many other games together as well.

Guild Atmosphere
We are mostly folks around 30, but we do have folks younger than that and older. We like to keep things more on the chill side. While we enjoy beating bosses and such, playing the game and enjoying our time together means more. Usually, we will beat normal and a good portion of heroic during an active tier.

Currently Recruiting:
We are looking to recruit just about everything. We have lost folks due to real life and such and are looking to get things going again. If you are looking to take raiding less seriously or looking to start your raiding journey then this could be the place for you.

How to Apply:
Message Scamdon, Ixtchal, Daesong, Baldvinny with interest or questions

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