Any Old School Darkspearian players still on?

I remember these guys from way back when: Lanuria, Sindoris, Greekorc, Grandez, Natedagreat, Humble, Beledonna, Senoxis, Akumabe, Ninjaxdeath, and Ralinasftw?
Hey there!

Geeze, been a month since you posted this!

I'm over on Moon Guard now--Happily married to a guy I met there back in 2008. We married in 2011--pretty crazy, yeah? Rerolled Alliance, haven't looked back. I miss Lanuria but she's nice and retired now.

Shame to see Darkspear so quiet.
I remember most of these names. Some I remembered for their creative ways at getting kills...Greek. Did a LFR with Greekorc, funny chap and decent hunter.

End of the day faction be damned, you have to love old Darkspear with the Trolling spirit that resides in all of us from this damned and cursed realm.

Ninjaxdeath is still active, have him on friends.

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