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Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!
One of our members had the option to teleport in, the rest of us don't.
Working on the issue that is preventing some players from seeing the gossip option. Sorry for the delay.
As a fix, you can just run to the instance portal, it's similar to where you zone in at. (By that Jani trash pile).

Cooldowns + sated aren't resetting on boss combat.
3 warlocks and none can teleport in hehe
I think having a better visual queue about what to do with the multi sided strike ability could be useful. It’s not clear what you have to do unless you read the dungeon journal and not everyone reads that.
The monk is barely attackable, we were sitting everyone on it during all the downtime and she was ~20% behind by the end of the orbs. She disappears to do the strike then instantly rolls out of melee, combined with pyroblast and killing Xuen's, you almost get no time to actually do damage to her compared to the mage.
- Orbs were spawning on the stairs LOS issues
- Hunters pets were triggering the traps
- Encounter ended after killing one boss instead of two
- Lust didn't reset after wipes
- The melee range for spinning crain kick was random. Sometimes I got her out of it by taunting from distance others times I had to walk up to her and hit her.
- tank swaps were non existent because debuff duration was so short it'd fall off during pyroblasts. maybe intended, but if they want you to swap the two bosses
ENCOUNTER_START event was missing
Boss fires ENCOUNTER_START only first pull, then never fires ENCOUNTER_END on wipe or ENCOUNTER_START again for subsequent pulls.

it also has a high chance of leaving entire raid stuck in combat with IsEncounterInProgress() always returning true and disabling release button even after boss resets.
Hey, did an entire hour of testing this encounter with a full 8/8M guild and figured I'd give some feedback regarding this encounter via bulletin points:

1. The smoke bombs spawned in areas where you could only hit them with melee abilities, stairs seemed to be the issue, they also seemingly had different HP numbers, and probably far too much health as well. Felt like with a full mythic geared group that we could only get one bomb killed within our time warp window, saving cooldowns such as breath of sindragosa for this.
2. The aoe damage from the fireball tank ability felt impossible with a warrior tank, and not noticable with a brewmaster solo tanking the mage.
3. The Xuen that the monk spawns felt useless, and it did nothing.
4. As a DK, the amount of teleporting going on made it a horrifying experience for a BDK, considering to tank the monk you need to get to him after he jumps out to prevent him from killing your entire raid.
5. The magma bomb which knock you up and leave a debuff on you spawned far too frequently considering how often the bosses and smoke bombs spawned in those magma bombs, if you didn't have a rogue to clear them there aren't very many who can frequently clear them. The bosses teleporting into them felt pretty stupid, especially when they have certain things you need to do, i.e the monk needing a target in melee range at all times.
6. The 60 energy phase didn't seem to work at all, we could just burst down the barriers and be done with it.
7. Time warp and cooldowns weren't resetting between pulls.

As several people said, since the encounter start event was missing all of the pulls are labeled as trash pulls in the logs. Group was 8/8M premade.

Tank damage seemed high for a heroic fight. The orbs also seemed super unforgiving, had way too much hp, and had tons of LoS issues even when standing inside the mists when they were near the stairs.
Orbs seemed actually okay if handled really well. (maybe a bit too hard for heroic). I suppose considering we were tuned to 385. the constant swapping of bosses was a bit annoying, Lust didn't reset which made pushing much harder.

Full pug with discord, got boss to the first orbs pretty consistently. Pyro getting off didnt seem very punishing, we ended up just ignoring the shield and focusing other boss.

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