Battle for Azeroth Broken Scaling: PVP Edition.

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Unsure if others have seen this on Reddit but it's a pretty interesting post.

BfA gear scaling in Arena is broken as detailed below;

So the general strategy right now to get ahead of the competition in Arena is to abuse the gear scaling in Wow right now. The general strategy appears to be the following:

Maximize the item level on the following:

Azerite gear (with ideal traits)

Necklace (high tertiary stats)

Trinkets (high tertiary or primary stat sticks/procs)

Everything else should be low ilvl greens. You want to dump your ilvl down to around 300-305. Focus primarily on versatility (flat dmg/heal%) as the highest secondary stat.

Additionally, you want to specifically shop for as many low boe green items as you can with a socket. Items with socket gain the added effect of 120 level gem stats but low item level. This allows you to abuse the system by effectively lowering your ilvl, but having stats higher than normal. This throws off Blizzard's algorithm. Put +40 vers gems into as many slots as you can, weapons, off-hands, and finally enchant rings and weapon with versatility as well.

The net result is your have a low item lvl character that scales extremely well against pretty much everyone else. Your ilvl is artificially low, but you boost your stats above your low ilvl this way.

TL:DR....Equip low level items and it throws off the scaling allowing you to do monster damage. Seems to be like taking the neck piece all over again.

If you encounter bugs like this, be sure to report them so they can get fixed!

Thankfully we are reporting this stuff now before it gets released in live. This is what beta is for. Keep up the good work, testers.

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