Is the BFA grind as fun as the Legion grind?

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Is the BFA grind as fun as the Legion grind?

**** no!

"Wash, rinse and repeat as needed" has NEVER been so true about a WoW expansion than BFA.
Legion was 2 years of being excited to play. 12 classes worth of content and 24 artifact appearances times 36 meant a lot of fun to try and earn them. WQ rewards were better then. Travel was a pita and warforge/titanforge was crap, so nothing's changed there. M+ was fun there for most of the dungeons. This time around I'm only liking half the dungeons, and one of those is unplayable (obstacle course in Temple of Sethrallis) with my worthless spotty 150/mo major metro-area comcast connection. The classes felt more fun to play in Legion. I keep trying different specs and haven't found one that even feels as good as in Legion, let alone better.
The allied races kind of bother me, not because of how they look or how they're earned, but the stories that force them to one side or another are really dumb and senseless. Allied races really should be neutral like Pandaren. In fact, all of the stories since the prepatch have been off-putting in a way that only a mediocre high-school student could come up with.
I say no. There was at no time in Legion where I did not want to log in and participate in the grind. It was expertly done.

Also, PSA, this an RPG people. I think MOST people not only expect, but enjoy the grind if done right.
No. You get all the Legion grind without feeling rewarded and without the fun.
No. The rep rewards are profanely useless, the most important gear isn't grindable at all, and not even the mission board is worth doing for long. The most important use of rep is Pathfinder achievement for mount speed, and even that only goes up to revered.

So far I've spent more of my 120 time cleaning up in Broken Isles than actually running around KT/Zandalar, and at this point I'm barely signing in at all for more than raid times and one Mythic+ a week.

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